20 Weird Pics That Deserve A Really Good Explanation

Collapsed roof in an apartment being held up by latex paint
reddit | CadeVision

There are plenty of weird things in the world, and those weird things are generally more likely to be photographed. Does every weird pic have a built-in explanation? The answer, unfortunately, is no. But one thing's for certain: every weird pic deserves an explanation, even if it isn't immediately apparent.

This is our way of telling you that we don't really have explanations for these pics. That doesn't mean you can't appreciate — and be confounded — by them.

"What my 3-year-old’s insides did to this penny. Accidentally swallowed it on Thurs."

Rainbow pattern on penny after being swallowed by a toddler
reddit | enstmagoo

The good news is that if your little one swallows a penny, they'll probably be just fine. As for why the penny is now rainbow-colored, I have no idea. It may have something to do with the zinc in the penny reacting to stomach acid.

"This bodybuilding gym has a picture of Alfalfa."

Bodybuilder portraits at gym include photo of Alfalfa from 'The Little Rascals'
reddit | lik3r_of_things

If you're wondering who Alfalfa is, he's a character from the Our Gang series of short films. As for why a gym would honor him with a bodybuilding portrait, we have no plausible explanation.

"There’s a meerkat in my goldbears."

One meerkat-shaped gummy candy in a bag of gummy bears
reddit | rubertday

Redditors have a knack for finding rogue pieces of candy in bags that shouldn't contain it. So long as it's candy and not, like, something gross like a piece of manufacturing equipment, I'm good with it.

"My gold and copper crayons have oxidized."

Oxidized gold and copper crayons
reddit | stavius

If you've ever doubted Crayola's commitment to providing authentic copper and gold tones in its crayons, just check out this photo. If they'd used inferior materials in these crayons, it's a sure bet that they wouldn't oxidize like this.

"My gang of security mannequins that live in the spare room."

Three mannequins set up in a bedroom
reddit | unethicalrobinhood

This is incredibly creepy. I mean, just look at those masks. Still, it's hard to deny that this would provide an effective, low-tech security system. Any burglars or prowlers who saw these things would probably want to turn tail and run.

"This particularly round potato chip."

A perfectly round potato chip
reddit | chamalis

Thanks to food-processing technology, we've accepted chips with unnatural ripples and chips with unnatural shapes (I'm looking at you, Pringles). Still, something about seeing a chip that's so perfectly round doesn't feel natural, even though it's likely the most natural of the bunch.

"Found a destroyed Nokia."

Weathered motherboard of an old Nokia phone
reddit | SirBoxington_

This is the first, and so far only, rebuttal I've ever seen to the claim that those late '90s and early oughts Nokia phones were indestructible. Realistically, this one would probably still work if you rigged it up with a battery and a couple of new connecting cables.

"The way this foxglove dodged my house."

Foxglove plant taking two right angles to grow around wall of a house
reddit | xikub49

Plants may not be a sentient form of life, but they have an incredible knack for doing whatever they have to do in order to survive. The right angles this foxglove is growing at look almost too crisp to be naturally occurring.

"Bricks are constantly 'growing' out of the ground all over our property because in the late 1800’s there was a brick manufacturing company located here."

Brickwork exposed on lawn on the site of old brick plant
reddit | LesInvisibles

I'm torn between thinking that this is pretty cool, and thinking that it would be pretty annoying if you just wanted to enjoy your lawn.

"Wood knots I saw look kinda like a bunny."

Wood knots that look like a cartoon rabbit
reddit | Birdb0rb

Between Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit, the market for cartoon rabbits is just about saturated. But if there's any room for another pop culture cartoon bunny, I'd like to nominate this one.

"Jack Skellington in my morning coffee."

Pattern in cup of coffee looks like Jack Skellington
reddit | lackofimagination88

Everyone loves Tim Burton's creepy movie creations, so long as they stay on the screen. But once your life is invaded by the likes of Jack Skellington, things take on a far creepier tone.

"This emergency button at the venomous snake exhibit, Toledo Zoo."

Snake bite emergency button in a snake exhibit at the Toledo Zoo
reddit | VariousGnomes

Toledo, Ohio isn't known for its venomous snakes. But the venomous snake exhibit at the Toledo Zoo most definitely is known for its venomous snakes. It's interesting to see such a specific emergency button.

"Here are my Marfan syndrome hands."

Elongated fingers of a person with Marfan's syndrome
reddit | heyredditone

Marfan syndrome affects the body's connective tissue and causes limbs and fingers (and really the whole body) to become elongated. In this person's case, it also makes it really easy for them to palm a basketball.

"Saw a pink spider."

A pink spider on a plant bulb
reddit | Yummy_Sandwich

Commenters couldn't seem to decide on what kind of spider this is (I'm just going to call it Pinky the Spider), but they were certain of one thing: that plant bulb that it's perched on is a poppy used in the cultivation of certain drugs. In a way, that's more interesting than the pink spider.

"My ice cream spoon that's shaped like a shovel."

Small spoon shaped like a shovel
reddit | ZOneNzOnly

I'm not sure why this is specifically designated as an "ice cream spoon" when it could also dig into anything that a normal small spoon could. It's kind of cute though, and now I want to replace all the spoons in my cutlery drawer.

"I've made a fireplace with a rotating mirror ball."

Fireplace customized with a disco ball and purple lighting
reddit | Demongeeks8

Plenty of people have fireplaces that are now unusable for one reason or another. I suppose this is one way to reuse one. I especially like the fact that there appear to be miniature disco balls on the ground to complement the main ball.

"A very hairy wedding dress."

Wedding photo. Woman's hair in foreground appears to be part of bride's dress
reddit | VisDev82

Wedding dresses are often free-flowing by nature, with long trains and lots of extra material. A designer could look at this photo and almost be inspired to create a new kind of dress: one modeled after human hair. On second thought, maybe that's a bad idea.

"A circular chunk of glass fell out of my window and I don't know how."

Circular chunk of glass fallen out of a window
reddit | graphicnonsense

Windows are quiet, unchanging and unremarkable. That is, of course, until they're not. They have a way of staying in place for decades, then spontaneously shattering or losing a chunk for no apparent reason.

"Relaxing fountain."

People relaxing in chairs around an outdoor fountain. Fountain stream appears to be coming from one man
reddit | PleadingMackrel

The angle of this photo obviously makes the sight gag possible, but don't sleep on the guy's relaxed posture. If he were hunched forward and didn't have such carefree body language, the effect wouldn't be nearly as hilarious.

"The roof in my apartment collapsed due to rain, but the latex paint caught the drywall."

Collapsed roof in an apartment being held up by latex paint
reddit | CadeVision

I once lived in an apartment with a water leak in the ceiling, and it looked almost exactly like this. This person might want to start clearing their stuff out of the danger zone.

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