Women Share Things That Drive Them Nuts When Living With Men

Lex Gabrielle
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When you get older and you meet someone, your relationship has a few stages and steps. Some people begin dating and then eventually, they decide to move in together. Living with your partner can be fun and excited, but also, it can be a bit strange.

Many people haven't lived with the opposite sex—aside from their father—until they live with their partner. Sometimes, it's a bit crazy.

They think we have super hearing.

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"When I'm in the kitchen washing dishes and the living room door is closed and the kitchen door is closed and the washing machine is going, he will still call my name from the living room as if I can hear him," shared 1Small_Pink_Camel.

Saving leftovers they will never eat.

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scoobyydoob said the biggest pet peeve that they have is when their SO saves leftovers in the fridge, but for things that they will never eat. So, eventually, they have to go into the fridge and throw everything out.

Shedding all over.

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"He's a hairy man, I find his hair everywhere. Especially beard hair. I will vacuum and 10 mins later the floor is filled with hair again. I'm living with a cat basically. It's not something he does I guess. He can't control that," said witch_hekate92.

Wanting to do every little thing together.

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DoggyWoggyWoo says that it bothers her that her boyfriend wants to do every single thing together in the house. They can't do cooking, chores, or even watch TV alone because he always wants to do it together with her near.

Taking up too much space in the bed.

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OkSeaworthiness9869 said she purposely got a king-size bed so that they can both have space in the bed. But, her SO always ends up on her side of the bed, without fail. Or, his legs and feet are all up on her.

Throwing things wherever.

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"If something doesn't have his immediate attention it is just thrown anywhere. On the floor, in the bed, on the nearest surface etc.. he makes no mental note whatsoever of where he is putting things, it's as though the item ceases to exist the second he has stopped paying attention to it," said seeyouinthesun.

Leaves the kitchen cabinets wide open.

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ginns32 shared that her SO always leaves every cabinet open in the kitchen when he is done getting something from it, and never closes it. Ever. It's not that hard to close things when you're finished with them!

Never making an effort to find things.

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Sensitive_Ad1369 says that her man will always, without fail, ask her where things are before he even goes around to look for them. And, most of the time, they are right there in the open and can be funded easily.

Not taking care of the trash.

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"The trash chute is down the hall, he doesn't like me taking the trash out, he gets an attitude if I ask him to take the trash out, but also gets mad if I just take it out myself....no win," said beelovedone.

Leaving dirty dishes on the counter.

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searedscallops shares that her man will eat and then put the dirty plate right on the edge of the counter and refuses to put it in the sink, wash it, or even put it in the dishwasher.

Poor communication skills.

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Mistress-Metal said that her man "assumes" that she can know and understand when he is mad and why he is mad. Then, obviously, since she doesn't know what's wrong, he'll get mad when she doesn't get it.

Slacking off.

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"If we've been slacking on cleaning, I'll mention we need to spend a few hours catching up on chores. He'll agree. Then while I'm cleaning, he'll start doing something like rearranging furniture or reorganizing a closet... leaving me with all the actual catch-up work," said insomniahag.

Falls asleep too fast.

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UmOkThisIsNewsToMe said that it's annoying how quickly her partner falls asleep, literally 2.5 seconds after his head will hit the pillow. She, on the other hand, tosses and turns all night and she finds it annoying.

Takes too much time in "the office."

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WholeLottaCreepier said that her partner is always in the bathroom and spends far too much time in there whenever he has to go. He will get distracted by his phone, games, or videos online and just hangs out on the toilet.

Just too much to name.

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"Not showering before bed, eating in bed, not putting the dishes in sink but next to it, and most of all leaving almost empty leftover containers back in the fridge. Like eat all of it dammit! Why is there one bite of rice/curry/chicken left??? What am I supposed to do with one bite," said curryp4n.