Dying Bear Crushes Skull Of Hunter Who Shot It

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A brown bear over the crest of a small hill in a forest.
Unsplash | Janko Ferlič

Any hunter knows that there are risks taken every time you go out into the wilderness, especially when you're hunting dangerous predators.

Despite this, it seems a hunter in Russia didn't quite take the necessary precautions when out on an excursion. After fatally shooting a bear, the bear used its final bouts of strength to intact revenge on the man who shot it, creating a dramatic finish for them both.

A bear dying of a gun wound managed to take its revenge before passing.

A large brown bear standing in tall grass.
Unsplash | Richard Lee

After being shot by a 62-year-old Russian hunter in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, Russia, a bear waited for the man to descend from his elevated perch before attacking him in return.

The bear ultimately won their battle.

A landscape photo of Siberian wilderness, a plain among the forests.
Unsplash | pure julia

He left the hunter with claw marks, bite wounds, and a crushed skull. What a brutal way to go.

He'd been declared missing a few days after he left for his hunting excursion, but was eventually found by a search party.

It was a true fight to the death.

A wooden hunter's perch in the middle of a plain.
Unsplash | Uta Scholl

"The mortally wounded predator managed to inflict an injury from which the hunter died," said the regional office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs about the death.

They found the bear's body just 50 yards away from the hunter's, having died not long after.

Definitely not the kindest way to go...

A brown bear over the crest of a small hill in a forest.
Unsplash | Janko Ferlič

But it's a pretty epic story regardless, especially from the bear's perspective.

Not even in movies can we get such a perfectly chilling story of revenge, and it didn't take two hours of buildup. That's some instant karma right there.

h/t: Insider