What To Do If There's A Pet Stranded In A Hot Car

Lex Gabrielle
dog in a car
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Many people consider their pets to be an extension of their family. Some even view their pets much like their own children. Many times, people take their pets with them on adventures and trips which, of course, includes taking them on trips in the car.

However, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, there can be a lot of risks with bringing your pets in the car.

Many people who take their pets in the car tend to use the air conditioning.

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When it's very hot out, owners will run their air conditioning systems rather high so that their pets do not feel overheated and warm. Or, they will even leave their windows open and cracked.

However, some owners tend to leave their pets in the car when running out for an errand.

dog in car with red collar
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Whether they're running to grab a coffee or make a transaction at the bank, there are times when pet owners think that they can leave their pets in the car.

When it's hot out, it can be dangerous for the lives of their pets.

dog in front seat of car with owner
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When the sun is shining and the weather is too hot, leaving your pet in the car can lead to serious health issues including heat stroke. However, if you see a pet is locked in a hot car, you can help and save their life.

First, see if you can find the owner.

local storefront on the street
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If you see a pet locked in a hot car, see if you can locate the pet's owner. You can do this by going into local stores or nearby places and asking for people to make an announcement reporting the car's make, model, and license plate.

If not, you should contact your local authorities.

police car
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Call the police or even a local animal shelter to come and send someone to help. Even if they cannot legally break into the car to let the pet out, they can guide you with some advice and helpful tips.

Also, check for signs of heatstroke in your pets.

dog in car with ear up
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Pets left in hot cars can end up with heatstroke. It's important to see if the pet is in any distress or problematic conditions. In order to figure this out, knowing the signs of heatstroke are important.

Look for specific symptoms.

dog with head on the floor
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Look into the car window and see if there is any excessive panting and shortness of breath or excessive drooling. If you see any pets that look like they are struggling to breathe, this can be a sign, too.

If pets are vomiting, that's a huge red flag, too.

dog in car
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If any pets are vomiting in the car, this can be a big red flag. Vomiting showcases that the pet is in distress and is having extreme body temperature problems and can be a danger to them through dehydration.

Do your best to stay informed.

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Research and look at your local town or even your state's laws about leaving your pet in hot cars. Sometimes, there can be criminal charges against individuals who do so and they can face fines or even jail time.

Be sure you don't break someone else's car window.

don't do it
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Some people think breaking a car window is the right thing to do when you see a pet locked in the car. But, this can be a criminal charge of breaking someone else's car window and you should avoid it when possible.

Also, always advocate for pets.

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If your town or state doesn't have any laws protecting pets against situations like this, speak up and advocate for them. Animals don't have a voice, so sometimes, we have to have a voice for them.