Mom Shares Helpful Hack To Make Perfect Summer Snack For Kids

Lex Gabrielle
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With the summer rolling around, moms and dads all over are on duty with their kids full-time again. They are looking for ways to make things easy and convenient for themselves and their kids.

One thing that kids are constantly asking for is food and snacks from their parents when they are home and hanging out. There are tons of parents online who are here to save the day and help us out.

In the summer, cold snacks are the best for kids.

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We all want our kids to stay cool and hydrated during the summertime. Making some snacks or having cool ones in the house can keep them both hydrated and cool, but also full.

One TikTok mom shared a pretty smart hack for keeping her kids happy all summer long.

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All you need is one of your kid's "pop-it" toys, as well as some of their favorite flavored yogurts. And, you can use one of the medicine "needles" that you use for infants.

Use the medicine syringe to take the yogurt out.

Pop it yogurt snack hack tiktok video
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Then, you simply fill the pop-it holes with the yogurt. Make sure you fill them all the way up to the top and when you're finished, pop the entire thing into the freezer.

When you're done, pop them into a bowl.

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When they're frozen and solid, you can flip the pop-it and pop all of the little yogurt balls into a bowl. The mom shared her kids were super happy and loved them.

Make sure that you wash your pop-its though.

Obviously, kids play with pop-its a lot, and sometimes, they can get rather dirty. If you are going to use them, make sure to wash them out with soap and water first before using them.

The mom said if you don't want to use a pop-it, you can do another trick, too.

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If you are not into using the pop-it, as some parents are concerned with using chemicals, the mom shared that parchment paper will work just fine. You use the same medicine syringe and you can make the yogurt beads on the paper.

The paper can go right into the fridge.

The same as the pop-it, you can put the paper with the yogurt beads into the fridge and peel them off into a bowl the same as the pop-it. Easy, peasy, 1-2-3.

The mom had a ton of other hacks to share with parents, too.

One hack was how to make the most of your strawberries for your kids. Many moms cut the tops off and that can take away from the actual strawberry itself. So, if you push a straw through the bottom, you can push the green part out and save most of it.

You can also make an "impression" with toast.

If your kids don't like toast, you can "trick" them into liking it by making an impression. Doing this, all you have to do is make a little face with a spoon or dropper and toast the bread.

If you're running low on bibs, use an old onesie.

A onesie that doesn't fit can be of use, instead of tossing them immediately. Grab a scissor and cut the onesie in half. The bottom half can be used as a bib and can easily fit over your kid's head for meal time!

Sometimes, moms are the best.

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When we are raising kids, having moms who share their knowledge and their wisdom is truly a gift from above. It takes a village to raise a kid, it's great to have moms who help! Thanks, Moms of TikTok.