Celebrities Who Have Rocky Relationships With Their Moms

Sarah Kester
Ariel Winter in orange jacket
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There’s a lot of celebrity beef in Hollywood. 

There are these sworn enemies, exes who can’t stand each other, and friends-turned-enemies.

Celebrities aren’t immune to family drama, either. Take these celebs who have rocky relationships with their moms, for example. 

Through their ups and downs, they’ve proven that family isn’t always everything...

Drew Barrymore

Since her mom sent her to a rehab institution by the age of 13, it's safe to say that things have been rocky.

By the age of 15, she was legally emancipated from her parents. Initially, she said it was to get child labor laws.

But the truth is that Drew never had a good relationship with her mother.

"I've never just been angry with her," Drew told Marie Claire in 2014 about her mom. "But we can't really be in each other's lives at this point."

Paris Hilton

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In Paris's viral documentary, This Is Paris, the hotel heiress detailed the traumatic experience of her parents, Kathy and Rick, sending her to the Provo Canyon School.

The controversial boarding school was a place where parents sent their kids to curb their bad behavior.

But it ended up being a horrific place. "I knew it was going to be worse than anywhere else," said Hilton.

She was even taken there in the middle of the night by men breaking into her room. As a result, it damaged her relationship with her mom for many years.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor and his mother, Kay, were estranged for eight years after she would repeatedly break his trust.

"I was trying to find my own balance with fame and stuff. And I would share things with her... some of those things I would share might show up in the six o'clock news three days later," he once recalled.

Miranda Kerr

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The family's dirty laundry was spilled in 2014 after Miranda told her mother to stop interfering with how Miranda was raising her son, Flynn.

After the supermodel was unresponsive to them, her mother and father went on Australian TV and begged Miranda to reconcile with them.

Minka Kelly

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As the daughter of a stripper, the actress always wished that her mother could be like all the other mothers.

"I didn't know how to appreciate what good friends we were," Kelly told US Weekly. "Because I just wanted her to be my mom."

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester texting

The Gossip Girl alum's issues with her mother started from birth. Seriously. She was born in prison while her mother, Constance Meester, was serving time for drug trafficking. More issues happened later in life, like when her mother stole money from her.


Listen to the rapper's early songs and you'll find that things with him and his mother, Debbie, haven't always been copacetic. In 1999, she accused her son of slandering her name in several interviews, "implying she was an unstable drug abuser."

Ryan Loche

Ryan Loche and his wife
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The Olympic swimmer hasn't spoken to his mother in years after she wasn't supportive of him and his wife, Kayla Rae Reid, having kids.

"When I told her that she was going to be a grandma ... she said some very, very hurtful things that kind of ended our relationship, me and her."

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton sad

Things got messy in The O.C. star's life in 2015 when she sued her mother, Nuala Barton. According to court documents, Nuala had stolen money to buy a $7.8 million Beverly Hills home, where Mischa was not welcome to visit.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez crying

As the daughter of a single mom, the singer spent a lot of time blaming her mother for the divorce. "I blamed my mom a lot [for the divorce] because I wanted a family so bad," Gomez once said on an E! special. "I remember just being angry with my mom."

Things got rockier as Selena got older and fired her mother as her manager.

Selena Gomez looking sad
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Thankfully, the two were able to put their differences aside eventually. "They decided it's better to focus on being a family than talking about business all the time," a source once said.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

As a child star, both Justin and his mother, Pattie, went through a lot of growing pains. This led to a falling out in 2014.

"I was distant because I was ashamed," Bieber told Billboard in 2015. "I never wanted my mom to be disappointed in me and I knew she was."

Macaulay Culkin

Growing up as a child star wasn't easy. Everyone wanted a handout — including his parents, Kit and Patricia. They were taking 15 percent of each of his movie earnings, despite not really doing much. That's a lot of change to take from your kid.

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress has always been open with the struggles she had with her mother, Nancy Dow. Since her mom had a bad temper, this led to many heated fights. Like the time Jen screamed at her mom and she started laughing.

"She was laughing at me [for] screaming back. And it was like a punch in my stomach," she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015.

Jennifer Aniston selfie with friends
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Thankfully, Jen was always close to her father, John Aniston, so she was never without a parental figure.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter in orange coat
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The Modern Family star was only 14 when she filed a restraining order against her mother, Crystal Workman, for allegedly being physically and verbally abusive.

She ended up living with her older sister who was granted temporary guardianship of her.

Eventually, she was emancipated from her mother.

Ariel Winter smirking
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"Nobody controls you anymore," Winter said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about being legally emancipated. "You handle your own business affairs, your own living arrangements, your own money. Everything is sort of in your own hands."