Keanu Reeves Look-Alike Account Leaves TikTok Users Confused

Elizabeth Spina
Keanu Reeves lookalike
TikTok | @unreal_keanu

A Keanu Reeves look-alike is taking over TikTok!

While there are a number of impressive celebrity look-alikes on social media, one that has recently been garnering a lot of attention is one who goes by the handle @unreal_keanu. The TikToker has been sharing parodies impersonating the actor that have since gone viral.

There are tons of impressive celebrity look-alikes on TikTok.

Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe
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But arguably, there is one impressionist TikToker who stands out among the rest, whose likeness to John Wick star, Keanu Reeves, is uncanny.

The parody actor who goes by the handle, @unreal_keanu, shared his first Keanu Reeves-inspired TikTok earlier this year.

Keanu Reeves lookalike
TikTok | @unreal_keanu

The video quickly went viral, gaining over 6-million views.

He has been sharing Keanu content ever since, and fans can't get enough of it.

Keanu Reeves

Many chime in with comments, fascinated by the likeness between him and the real Point Break actor. He now has over 3.5-million followers.

"How are you NOT Keanu?" one TikTok user commented on a video of the look-alike eating sushi.

"Is this really Keanu or his look-alike twin? I'm confused," another person weighed in.

Someone else chimed in on another video, pointing out that the TikToker could actually be Keanu Reeves' twin.

"If it's not actually him [Keanu Reeves] this guy could be his unknown secret twin that was separated at birth for sure!" they commented on a video of the look-alike dancing while waiting on hold for customer service.

Another viewer pointed out that the TikToker is actually using a filter to enhance his resemblance to the real Keanu Reeves, but nonetheless, his impression was spot-on.

"This filter makes you look just like him!!! Really believable impressions too. Well done!" they penned.

"Filter or not. You're still awesome, another added.

While many commenters on TikTok were actually convinced that this was the real Keanu without batting an eye, others admitted that they had to do a double-take before realizing it was a look-alike.

Keanu Reeves lookalike
TikTok | @unreal_keanu

"I really thought this was Keanu for a second," one user commented, while another echoed, "He really looks like him."

"Sure does look like him," someone else wrote. "The resemblance is awesome!"

Keanu Reeves lookalike
TikTok | @unreal_keanu

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