Woman Got Tricked By Bride Into Wearing White For The Wedding

Lex Gabrielle
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When it comes to weddings, there are many "unspoken rules" that society has in place that everyone follows. Many of these rules have to do with what to wear, what kind of gift to give, and who to bring or not bring along with you.

One of the biggest "wedding rules" for people is that women should not wear white, because white is usually saved for the bride. However, sometimes, things can get rather messy when it comes to attire.

One Reddit user recently opened up about a fight she had gotten into with her friend over the dress she wore to her wedding.

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Reddit user u/runawaymaidofhonor shared what happened between her and her close friend from college, Charlotte. The two became good friends when she moved into her college dorm and immediately had a connection.

She was so happy when Charlotte got engaged to her now-husband, Josh, and tried to help her plan the wedding.

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"I’ve tried to help her as best I can with making appointments, managing stress, etc. I also gave her $250 to help pay for the wedding (her family can only afford part of it) which isn’t included in the wedding gift I’m going to give her," said the Reddit user.

The Reddit user was struggling with what dress to wear to her best friend's wedding.

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Charlotte told her that she would be having a photographer and videographer, so she wanted to look nice and wear something flattering. So, she decided to ask Charlotte for some advice on what dress to wear.

Charlotte had the Reddit user try on "all of her dresses."

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Out of every dress, Charlotte chose a white dress. The Reddit user was clearly confused, as everyone knows you don't wear white to a wedding. However, Charlotte insisted that she loved the dress and wanted her to wear it.

She even lent the Reddit user a pair of shoes.

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To show how much she loved the dress, she picked out a pair of pink and white heels from her own closet for the Reddit user to wear to the wedding.

Still, the Reddit user was unsure.

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Leading up to the wedding date, she asked several times if Charlotte really wanted her to wear a white dress to her own wedding. Still, Charlotte insisted that she did want her to wear the dress.

However, on the day of the wedding, things changed.

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The Reddit user showed up early to the wedding to help and started to get some "weird looks" for showing up in a white dress. When Charlotte saw her, she freaked out. She screamed at her and asked her to leave the wedding. Obviously, the Reddit user was confused.

Charlotte said that asking her to wear the dress was a "friendship test."

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She wanted to apparently test their friendship and said that if she was a "real friend," she would never wear white to her own wedding, even if she asked her to.

The Reddit user shared everyone has told her she should have "known better" even if Charlotte asked her to wear white.

People online, however, said Charlotte is a huge jerk.

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New_Present7394 stated that clearly, Charlotte wanted their friendship to end. Either way, she set the Reddit user up for failure. If she wore the white dress, she was wrong. But, if she had worn another dress, Charlotte would have probably been mad, too.

Others said she's a huge "attention seeker."

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"She’s an attention-seeking psycho, and I’d say stay as far away from her and any of her flying monkeys as possible. If there are any mutuals you don’t want to give up without a fight, maybe make a statement about what she did, and how inappropriate her action were to trick you," said 94mac819.

Many others said she should expose Charlotte completely.

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gwcommentthrow and others online said that the Reddit user should 100% expose Charlotte and take screenshots of the messages where she told her to wear the dress, and how she manipulated her into looking like a fool.