Movie Villains People Were Definitely Attracted To

Sarah Kester
Loki in Thor
Disney. Fandom | Disney

While everyone loves a hero, there’s something alluring about the villain. Like the bad boy at your school, they’re rough around the edges, misunderstood, and just need a woman — or man — like you to change them. 

Is this possible in the movie world? Probably not. But will that stop us from thirsting on some seriously hot baddies? Nope! Here are 19 movie villains people find attractive. 

Harley Quinn - 'Suicide Squad'

Harley Quinn posing with bat
Vogue | DC

She's a pretty obvious choice, given how gorgeous she is when played by Margot Robbie.

And even though she's a straight-up lunatic (with bad taste in men), it's hard to resist the cute outfits and her even cuter personality.

Bellatrix Lestrange - 'Harry Potter'

Bellatrix Lestrange frowning
Insider | Warner Bros.

"I like to imagine that when she is alone with someone she really cares about, she is just a nice normal person, maybe a little kinky, but just generally pleasant." - u/untakenu. Agreed. Although, we may be biased because we love ourselves some Helena Bonham Carter.

Sarah Sanderson — 'Hocus Pocus'

Sarah Sanderson
Giphy | Freeform

It's extremely exciting that a second Hocus Pocus movie is in the works! People are probably excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson on their screens again. She was a likable villian who was beautiful and charming.

Kylo Ren - 'Star Wars'

Kylo Ren with lightsaber
Slash Film | Disney

"My crush on Kylo Ren is my biggest personality flaw. It defies explanation. I laughed out loud during that ridiculous shirtless scene in The Last Jedi because I couldn’t believe I was being given such a gift." - u/SlipSunshine

Gaston - 'Beauty & the Beast'

Gaston dancing
Giphy | Walt Disney Records

Animated or live-action, it doesn't matter! He's pretty to look at either way.

No wonder all the girls in the village wanted to be with him. Well, except Belle. Her loss! His confidence boosted his looks.

Hannibal Lecter - 'The Silence of the Lambs'

Hannibal Lector smiling
Looper | Columbia

"Every single word out of his mouth is spine-chilling. Even in a muzzle and a strait jacket he's terrifying and for some reason I love it." -u/deleted As long as kept him well-fed (aside from, you know, human food), you should be good.

Regina George - 'Mean Girls'

Regina George smiling

Mean girl or not, no one can deny that Regina George was something else. The Queen Bee had long, blonde hair, a smokin' bod, and the kind of self-confidence a person could only dream of.

The Joker - 'The Dark Knight'

Heath Ledger as The Joker

"Heath Ledger's Joker bowled me over from the minute he took his mask off in the beginning scene of the film. Funny thing is I'm absolutely terrified of clowns!" -u/luckyjinx27. This star was gone way too soon.

Voldemort — 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

Tom Riddle

The young Voldemort, of course. Not the older version with that weird nose. One Buzzfeed community member found that when he was Tom Riddle, he was extremely hot. Yes, even when he was trying to find the right way to murder someone.

Scarecrow — 'Batman Begins'

Scarecrow in Batman
youtube | Warner Bros.

"Those piercing blue eyes and the way he spoke in the movie made me fall in love with him. He turned me on without removing his shirt or even acting remotely sexual. It's been five years later and I still sigh whenever I watch Batman Begins."—turntablesmicrophone

President Snow — 'The Hunger Games'

President Snow

Odd choice, but whatever floats your boat! One woman shared that Donald's voice drives her crazy. So much so that she can almost hear him calling her a bag girl who needs a spanking. Um...

Darth Maul — 'Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace'

Darth Maul walking
Giphy | Star Wars

"Darth Maul, he has been a mild (lol I have a shrine to him in my house) obsession of mine for years, gotta love the strong, silent, deadly type." —y4912e2a42. Anyone else sort of see Travis Barker?

Bane — 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Bane shirtless
LadBible | Warner Bros.

If you're into strong, bald guys, Bane is your man. It's okay that you can't understand a word he's saying half of the time. What you and Bane do in your fantasies doesn't require talking...

Maleficent — 'Maleficent'

Maleficent using her powers

"Of course no one can deny that Angelina Jolie as Maleficent will go down as one of the most attractive villains of all. I mean who can wear those big horns and weird cheekbones and still look hot and sexy at the same time?" - iamsupermiko2

Steve - 'Fresh'

Sebastian Stan as Steve
Us Magazine | Hulu

Oh, Steve. We were rooting for you! The character, played by the talented Sebastian Stan, was to everyone's taste. He was super charming and gorgeous to boot. But, of course, he ends up being too good to be true.

Ace Merrill — 'Stand By Me'

 Ace Mer­rill with his friends
Spotern | Paramount Pictures

"Rational me wants to take a potato peeler to his asshat face, but the cliche 'I can change him' in me just wants to make sweet, sweet naughty love to that bad-boy."

michellel44d2cc106 We will stand by him anyday!

Billy Loomis - 'Scream'

Billy Loomis licking corn syrup

Billy was like the high school boyfriend your parents forbid you to date, which made you want him even more. Especially when he snuck into your place late at night. Murderer or not, he was hot.

Jareth — 'Labyrinth'

Jareth dancing

"Those tight pants and, uh, obvious features. I loved the way that he pursued Sarah to keep her as always, and that awakened all sorts of fantasies of being the Goblin Queen. David Bowie made me love villains, and these days, my favorite characters are almost always the villains."—auriellis

Loki - 'Thor'

Loki in 'Thor'
Disney. Fandom | Disney

"Ok, so I'm sure this won't be the only time this guy shows up on this list, but Tom Hiddleston's Loki has been the star of all of my very best sex fantasies ever since he arrived in Stuttgart in the first Avengers movie. There's just so much to like. What's a girl to do?" —christinaelstong

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