20 People Who Found A Way To Do What They Needed To Do

A homemade raft complete with furniture
reddit | Th3sseract

When a problem needs to be fixed, you can do two things: call the professionals, who will do a competent job for a nominal fee; or fix it yourself, even when you have no idea what you're doing.

We all know that the first option is the safe option. But for those who like a little walk on the wild side, why not do it DIY style? At the very least, the handiwork will be immortalized on the internet forever.

"Phone node repeatedly backed into? A boulder will fix that."

Boulder placed in parking space to prevent cars from backing into phone node
reddit | boatsntattoos

If you want to extend your wifi signal outdoors, you need a phone node. If you want cars to stop backing into your phone node every day, you need a...clumsily placed pink boulder, I suppose.

"A bird started a nest on top of the air conditioner."

Printout of man's face used to scare away bird outside window
reddit | pazdispencer

This solution is absolutely delightful. Not only did it successfully scare away the bird, I'll bet it scared away any would-be burglars that might have been casing this house.

"Who needs a body shop anyway?"

Car with shortened trunk and homemade repairs
reddit | snipes86

That new back panel fits the car pretty well, all things considered. I'm less focused on the panel and more focused on what caused the trunk to be shortened like that. Did someone come along and slice it with a really sharp sword or something?

"So my friend and I had to lift a Jacuzzi to do some work beneath it. We came up with this solution."

Jacuzzi lifted off the ground using straps
reddit | mitchconnor1337

There are plenty of safe ways to move a hot tub, with step-by-step instructions and everything. Then again, some people don't believe in reading instructions.

"They're taking pictures, pointing and laughing, but he's keeping cool."

Man with a homemade shower rig strapped to his back
reddit | Needleroozer

I truly admire this guy's homemade shower, but my man needs to chill. You're not supposed to be walking around public places, fully clothed, while you shower. He needs to take a minute, find somewhere private, and do his shower then.

"Saw this on Carsales..."

Homemade demolition derby truck with rollcage and 'hillbilly' written on the side
reddit | steinyboi

For most of us, Mad Max is a vision of a far-off post-apocalyptic future. For others, that world is already upon us. That homemade rollcage is a great addition. I mean, he may be driving a hillbilly battle car, but safety's still important.

"Saw some zip stitch bodywork here earlier, and figured I'd show my own handywork."

Broken car bumper repaired with zip ties
reddit | BurningTrashBoat

All you really need to fix a torn bumper is something to punch holes and a bunch of zip ties. It might be ugly, but it's cheap and effective.

"Turning a bouncy house blower into a floor dryer."

A bouncy house inflater used to dry a floor
reddit | oopewan

Not many people just happen to have bouncy house inflation devices lying around. But for those who do, the rapid blowing action has a number of uses around the house that aren't strictly related to bouncy houses.

"Gate broken? No problem! Use a wood pallet and plastic wrap for hinges."

Piece of wood pallet with cellophane for hinges in place of a gate
reddit | The_muffinfluffin

I'm on board with the wood pallet gate, even if it sticks out like a sore thumb. The plastic wrap hinges, though? There's no way they'll last.

"The belt buckle."

Belt buckle made out of an old Compaq computer mouse
reddit | Gurtek86

I have a serious soft spot for the '90s computer aesthetic — all boxy monitors and off-white equipment. There's a fine line between everyday nostalgia and being a total dork, though, and whoever made this mouse crossed that line a long time ago.

"A Mark 5 Golf with a working Forklift-mechanism."

A homemade forklift mechanism attached to a Volkswagen Golf
reddit | Max_1995

If you spend enough time on Reddit, you'll see some wild car mods. I think this is a first, though. No one else has been inspired enough (dumb enough?) to turn a regular Volkswagen Golf into a fully functional forklift.

"I think they could have found better scrap to make this."

Steering wheel made out of misshapen scrap metal
reddit | darkman21

A steering wheel is really just a big grip to hold onto so you can control the steering column. It could be any shape at all, really. Still, after seeing this, I'll stick with my round wheel.

"Honestly.... not in a big rush to fix it."

Kitchen sink fixed with a pair of plyers
reddit | fgrtd007

I think many of us have found ourselves in this situation before. It might look ugly, but you get used to it eventually. Also, calling a plumber is expensive while this is a free fix.

"Christmas tree stand broke. I was a single dad. Found this old pic."

A jackstand being used to hold up a Christmas tree
reddit | Don_e_Darko

I think that jackstand is verging on being too narrow to support a big Christmas tree. But it seems to be working pretty well, and it's a great way to repurpose stuff from the workshop.

"Never underestimate a redneck…"

AC unit rigged up to provide cool air for 3 different tents
reddit | murho82

I would argue that when you're camping, you're obligated to deal with the temperature, whether it's hot or cold. Blowing air conditioning into an uninsulated tent isn't going to keep things cool for long. Still, it's hard not to respect the ingenuity that's on display here.

"Used a leaf blower and a funnel to inflate a pool. Actually worked fairly quickly."

Leaf blower and funnel used to inflate a pool
reddit | crazyanne

If you have powerful lungs, you can always inflate stuff like this yourself. It'll take forever, though. If you have any kind of inflation device and a funnel, here's a faster option.

"It ain't stupid if it works."

Cellphone mounted to broken rearview mirror to provide images of rear
reddit | StcStasi

I like this because the mirror problem has been fixed with a piece of technology that cost hundreds of dollars, but somehow, it doesn't look like a high-tech fix at all. Ah well, it's better than driving around with no mirror.

"Wireless backup sensor."

Rubber chicken mounted to the back of a van as a backup sensor
reddit | comandante-marcos

You don't need wiring or power or any of that to have an effective backup detector. All you really need is something that'll scream or honk at you when it's pressed. It might look stupid, but it works.

"Casually changing a lamp light bulb while standing on a stack of pallets raised up on a forklift."

Man standing on a stack of pallets raised on a forklift to change a lightbulb
reddit | Past_Cardiologist_16

I'd love to see this guy do his thing in real time, because I'd imagine those pallets would be constantly shifting around.

"Build me a yacht with everything on board. I don't care how much it costs!"

A homemade raft complete with furniture
reddit | Th3sseract

Are you living your dream? Am I living my dream? Those are big questions that are tough to answer. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that this guy is most definitely living his dream.