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Johnny Depp's 'Edward Scissorhands' Glove Is Up For Sale

The iconic bladed glove that Johnny Depp's character in Edward Scissorhands made famous is up for auction.

It's gotta be pretty cool to own an iconic piece of film history, especially one as instantly iconic as of the titular scissor hands from the Johnny Depp classic Edward Scissorhands. If that's always been your dream, the time to make it come true is rapidly approaching.

'Edward Scissorhands' is one of Johnny Depp's most iconic roles.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands.
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The fantasy romance film famously followed JD as the misunderstood creation of a mad scientist who had, as you might guess, scissors for hands, and chronicled his tragic love story with Kim, played by Johnny's at one time real-life girlfriend Winona Ryder.

One of the gloves used for the film is now up for auction.

The glove used in the film Edward Scissorhands.
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"The hand-fabricated metal blades on this hand were originally created as mold masters; the molds made from them were used to produce the urethane blades Depp wore throughout the film. The practical SFX team then took the metal blades and built them onto the pole-rig for use in insert shots of the blades actually chopping things such as ice," reads the description of the glove on the Propstore Auction website.

And if you might doubt that it's the real deal, they've taken care of that too.

A letter of authenticity.
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"Also included is a letter of authenticity from the film's mechanical department coordinator, Richard Landon. The glove exhibits extensive wear and aging on the foam rubber element," they write.

While the auction doesn't technically start until June 21st, there's already some high bidding going on.

Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands.
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The current bid sits at $20k, while the estimate for the final bid is between $30k and $50k. It might be quite a bit of cash to shell out for some hedge trimmers, but for a real Depp super fan, it'll make quite the collectible piece!

What would you pay to own a real piece of film history like this? Let us know in the comments!