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Finland Has A Government-Issued Baby Box Packed With Essentials

Having a baby is very expensive. While many people plan to get pregnant and start a family, there are those who get pregnant unexpectedly and are not financially prepared for the burden that it can take on their body, their family, and their financials.

Children are the gift that keeps on giving—both emotionally and financially. They are miracles, but they are also a huge drain on your account too.

Many believe financially that having a baby is just paying for their needs.

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However, that's not always the case. In the United States, having a baby is very expensive not only for the fact that you pay for their needs, but it also costs money to deliver them, as well.

Some new parents end up paying thousands just to deliver in the hospital.

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In the United States, the average cost of facility fees and doctor fees come out to be around $13,024. However, if you have a c-section, it can be upwards of $22,000.

On top of this, baby products are expensive as well.

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Baby products are very expensive, as they add up quite a lot. Many parents don't realize it, but diapers, formula, and other necessities add up to become quite a lot of money.

Apparently, some countries value new parents much more than the United States.

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A recent TikTok that was shared showcased that Finland actually gives new parents a "government-issued baby box" that is compiled with tons of must-haves for new parents and newborns, too.

First, she said that they send condoms.

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The mom shared that Finland sends condoms so that they "don't pop another baby out right away." For some new parents, this is a great new gift as they don't plan on having a child right away again.

An adorable baby blanket.

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They also send an adorable baby blanket. All newborn babies need to be wrapped in a blanket that is warm and comfortable—to swaddle them before bed and keep them comfortable. But, that's not all that they send.

They also send pads to help with women's post-baby bodies.

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Since women's bodies go through a lot before, during, and after they give birth, the government takes that into account as well. As their bodies are changing, they will need some medical supplies.

They send tons of baby clothes, as well.

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Babies need a lot of onesies and clothes—as they get things dirty a lot. But, they also grow pretty quickly, too. So, the government sends over different sizes in all their clothing.

They prepare women for when they need things.

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In case parents do not have the means to get a bed or crib made, the box can turn into a bed so the baby has a place to sleep, too. They truly have thought of everything.

Clearly, if we're moving, we're going to Finland.

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From clothing to supplies, it's clear to see how much having a baby costs for new parents. Especially for parents who are unprepared or even without a home, this can be a life-changer.

It's nice to see a government that cares for new families.

Living in a country where there are formula shortages and a lack of supplies for parents, it's really great to see that Findland supports their newborns and new mother's in the process of raising children.