Singer Beyonce Knowles makes an appearance on MTV's Total Request Live on February 28, 2007 in New York City.
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Fans 'Can't Believe' How Much Blue Ivy Looks Like Beyoncé In Rare Picture

Blue Ivy Carter, age 10, stunned fans by looking identical to her mom, Beyoncé, in new pictures taken at an NBA game this week.

It's hard to believe that Blue Ivy is already 10 years old. The eldest daughter of Lemonade singer Beyoncé, 40, and 99 Problems rapper Jay-Z, 52, is no stranger to media attention ever since the day she was born, but the latest buzz surrounding the young star is just how much she looks like the spitting image of her mom!

Earlier this week, Blue Ivy and her dad were spotted in the crowd at an NBA game.

The pair were shouted out on the jumbotron and on TV, with this adorable moment happening between them when Jay went to hug his daughter and she can be seen saying, "Dad, my hair," and pushing him away. It's good to know that even celebrity kids still get embarrassed by their dads messing with their hair just like us!

Fans were quick to point out how much Blue Ivy looks like her mom.

"I have to be honest…. When I saw people talking abt this photo I thought it was like an old photo of Beyoncé. Can’t even tell them apart," a fan tweeted in response to the comparison.

Fans responded to the idea that Blue used to look more like her dad than her mom.

"I’m so glad she ended up being a perfect mix for Jay and Bey and not 100% her dad," one fan tweeted.

"No one could tell me any different when this baby was born. She been favor her mom and dad at the same time," another added.

One fan even claimed that Blue was a "copy and paste" of her mom.

"I can't believe how much they look the same," one fan wrote on Instagram.

What do you think? Is Blue Ivy twinning with her mom, or do you still see more of Jay-Z's looks in her? Let us know how you feel in the comments!