Two polilce cars parked next to a bright blue and purple donut truck.
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Cops Find Stolen Donut Truck Minutes After Theft Reported

Glazed & Confused – a pretty clever name for a donut shop and probably how Paul Valenti, the owner of said shop, was feeling last week when he went to his donut truck, only to find it missing.

On the morning of June 9th, Valenti, owner of Glazed & Confused in Syracuse, New York, went to where the donut shop is usually parked, only to find it missing.

At first, the owner thought it might have simply been misplaced.

The logo for the Syracuse-based donut store, Glazed & Confused.
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"I just figured someone moved it to the parking lot, but then I saw it wasn’t there," he said to Syracuse news. The last employee there, who left the truck earlier that morning at 3 a.m., said he didn't move it.

That's when Valenti decided to contact the Syracuse police department.

Several dozen chocolate donuts with filling.
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After confirming it hadn't been moved by staff, Valenti wondered if it could've been towed by the authorities. But after a conversation with the Syracuse P.D., he learned it hadn't been.

At this point, Valenti realized that his truck had been stolen.

A donut with a small slice of cheesecake set on top of it.
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After posting a photo of the truck to social media, Valenti asked locals if they had seen it anywhere around town. He was hoping someone could point out a location for it.

Luckily, multiple people had seen the truck driving around that morning.

A blue and purple donut truck parked outside of a large building.
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Within minutes of asking, six people called in saying they saw it at the corner of Bear and Van Rensselaer streets near the Inner Harbor. Not long after that, police went out to find the truck.

And just as quickly as the calls came in, police found the missing truck.

A blue and purple donut truck surrounded by parked police vehicles.
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Around 8:30 that morning, Syracuse P.D. found the truck, and noted that there was no damage to the exterior. Unfortunately, the interior was "trashed."

And don't worry, the donuts were unharmed.

Several donuts topped with different cookies or cereal bits.
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That (plus the fact that none of the staff got caught up or hurt in the event) is probably the most important part about the story. The thief clearly didn't get too far with the truck.

Glazed & Confused thanked their followers on Facebook.

A stack of 4 assorted donuts.
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In a post that shows an image of the truck surrounded by police cars, the caption reads, "The Donut Mobile has been found. Thank you to everyone who called in tips. Thank you to the Syracuse Police. We are thankful!!! In Donuts We Trust!!!"

Police were impressed by how quickly people were able to find the truck.

A cracked crème brulee styled donut.
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"It’s amazing what power social media has,” Valenti said to the local news. “This has to be the quickest case ever solved, thanks to the community."

Though, it could also be the power of donuts.

Several green donuts decorated with different flowers made of icing.
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This goes to show you how powerful brand recognition is, especially for something as notable as a popular donut shop. It's pretty heartwarming to know that the internet can be used for good every now and then!