Lone Kitten Scams Man Into Rescuing 12 Others

Ashley Hunte
A group of kittens crowding around a person's feet.
TikTok | @strawberryshakefanatic

Though it might be tempting to think there's no such thing as too many kittens, but there actually is such thing as too many kittens. One man accidentally bit off more than he could chew when one kitten came to him on the side of the road... followed by a cool dozen others.

Robert Brantley originally shared his story on Facebook (though his account is now private).

Because the internet is the internet, the video got reposted a few times.

A kitten at the side of the road.
TikTok | @strawberryshakefanatic

Lucky for us, though the original post may not be available, you can still find the video floating around places like TikTok and Twitter. In fact, it was reposted by Lauren Rene Allen (@strawberryshakefanatic), and has gained over 32-million views over the past week.

In the video, we see Brantley calling a lone kitten he found on the side of the road.

A kitten being held up in someone's hand.
TikTok | @strawberrymilkshakefanatic

He calls the kitten over, who quickly obliges and allows Brantley to hold it. Just as Brantley is wondering how that kitten got there, he looks over and sees an overwhelming number of kittens rush at him.

Allen titles the repost, "God I’ve seen what you’ve done for others.

A group of kittens on the side of the road.
TikTok | @strawberryshakefanatic

The comment section for the TikTok couldn't get enough of this kitten overload, or as Brantley calls it, "a kitten problem."

"THE WAY THEY ALL CAME AT YOU OMG," one user enthusiastically commented.

Others noted that the first kitten sort of acted like a leader for the rest.

A group of kittens.
TikTok | @strawberryshakefanatic

"The first one was the brave one for all of its siblings," a user wrote.

Another joked, "'You go ask, if I ask he will say no.'"

The post was also uploaded to Twitter.

The video has been viewed over 2.5-million times on the platform. In the tweet, user @najihahsharhrel writes, "Hooman just got scammed by a kitten," which honestly sums up the problem.

Though, if I'm being honest, I would also like it if a kitten scammed me...

There was also a Part 2!

A group of kittens in a basket.
TikTok | @courtneybrantley1

Part 2, which was also re-uploaded by Allen, shows all 13 of the kittens Brantley found in the back of his vehicle, meowing as he says, "The tactical Honda was not prepared for this."

Brantley also posted updates to his Facebook.

Updates that were reposted to other sites as well. In this one, uploaded by @farislmn, Brantley thanks his friends and promises more updates on the kittens (as well as the fact that he needs to learn how to take care of them all).

Now, updates are being posted to TikTok.

A dog and a group of kittens in a wagon.
TikTok | @courtneybrantley1

Courtney Brantley (@courtneybrantley1), wife of Robert Brantley, started a TikTok account so that they could update the world on how the kittens are doing. One update shows some of the kittens in a wagon with their dog.

Courtney shows a lot of gratitude in the caption for the TikTok.

An animated kitten with the caption "Thank you!"
Giphy | Pusheen

She writes, "Kitten update! Thank you all so much for all the kind words, advice and love that has been shown! Come be part of this exciting experience with us!"

In a separate update, Robert shows that he's about to bathe the kittens.

A man preparing to give a kitten a bath in a kiddie pool.
TikTok | @courtneybrantley1

Thanks to the advice they've been given by the community, Robert decided to clean the kittens off a little bit. Courtney captions the video, "Part 2: Kitten bath! Is there anything more attractive than a man who rescues a litter of kittens and then gives them a warm baby bath....."

The Brantley family continues to update the Tiktok account.

SpongeBob dropping a mop to look like he's seen something cute.
Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

Courtney shows videos of the kittens, including taking them to the vet, and even how some of them have been adopted already! I can't help but want to wish those kittens nothing but the best.