People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Hilarious And Stylish Dads

Is your dad a character? Mine definitely is. Not only when it comes to his demeanor but also his fashion style. A patterned shirt and a striped sweater are what I'm talking about. Ha, ha.

So I bet he would fit right in at @fashiondads_. It's an Instagram account created solely to showcase "fashionable" dads to the world. And I tell you it's a pure joy to see. LOL.

Oh no he didn't.

I hope he's wearing something under his apron for crying out loud. Otherwise, it might be a Thanksgiving to remember. And not in a good way.

This guy is giving out tips on how to wear shirts with holes in them.

I dunno if I would take advice from him but to each their own.

And speaking of tees, how about this one?

Hey, if you can have a trophy wife why not a trophy husband? It seems to work for this gentleman.

Just because you got caught in a nor'easter doesn't mean you can't still dress in style fellas.

This custom-made pair of Spongebob FlairPants and Grinch hat is definitely appropriate.

Wanna be totally fashionable this Christmas like this guy?

Then get your hands on this custom made Ninja Bread Man turtleneck. I bet everybody will be so envious of you.

Never miss monochromatic Monday again when you put an outfit together like this.

It takes a real man to pull off this lime green from head to toe look. Ha, ha.

Show off your love for the Cubs with this stylish ensamble.

I bet all your golf buddies will be so jealous of your look. Don't be a hater though.

Once a badass always a badass.

No? I say yes! This dad knows how to rock this Frank Sinatra mugshot T-shirt look like no other. Looking good, man!

It's Fall ya'll!

So take a note from this dad's fashion lookbook and know that you can still wear swim shorts even in the fall. Ya, okay! Nice try.

Feeling matchy-matchy or just claustrophobic?

I kinda feel like the latter when I look at this. I think this guy is taking things just a tad to the extreme. Huh?

Oh crap, just when I thought I've seen the only man to wear a fur vest and then I see this.

I can't believe he ventured outside wearing this outfit.

Oh no! Dad has been raiding your closet again.

Quick, hide all your favorites. I have to say I've never seen a dad pull off a look like this before.

Graphic tees are always in, am I right?

Especially when they have a message you really want to spread to the world. Spread lol. Get it? Ha, ha, ha.

Wow, like I said I thought my dad had a unique fashion sense but now I see there are others out there.

Is your dad one of them? Confess!