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Amber Heard Admits She 'Made Mistakes' But 'Always Told The Truth' In New Interview

Amber Heard is speaking out and defending herself in her first interview since the highly-publicized defamation trial with Johnny Depp.

While the trial ended in the jury deciding in Depp's favor, Amber and her team have been vocal about their disappointment with the results. In an emotional interview with NBC, Amber has opened up about some of the factors that may have caused the jury to draw the conclusions that they did, including Amber's own behavior during the trial while on the stand.

Amber was asked about the jury's decision.

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"When I asked his lawyers, 'why do you think you won,' the answer I got was, 'because she never took responsibility for everything she did in the marriage,'" interviewer Savannah Guthrie brought up to Amber in a short clip shared to social media.

"I did do and say horrible, regrettable things throughout my relationship. I behaved in horrible, almost unrecognizable to myself ways," Amber responded.

"I freely and openly and voluntarily talked about what I did," she insisted.

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"I talked about the horrible language. I talked about being pushed to the extent where I didn't even know the difference between right and wrong," Amber went on. "I will always continue to feel like I was a part of this, like I was the other half of this relationship because I was."

Amber maintained that both she and Depp were 'toxic' throughout their relationship.

Amber Heard in an emotional interview with Savannah Guthrie about the Depp-Heard trial.
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"It was ugly, and could be very beautiful. It was very, very toxic," Amber revealed, and then insisted, "we were awful to each other."

Amber admitted that she was at fault for her own behavior, as she has continued to do throughout the trial.

"I made a lot of mistake, a lot of mistakes," Amber said.

"But I've always told the truth."

You can watch the clip of the interview here. The full interview will air on Dateline on Friday, June 17th, and will be uploaded to Today's website.

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