Women Share The Quickest Way They Ended Up Hating Someone

Sarah Kester
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It doesn't take much to piss off a woman.

Some people know all the right (wrong, if you think about it) buttons to push, like not being sensitive to their feelings, calling them names, or being rude to their friends. 

But if you really want respect to go six feet under, AKA with no chance of revival, there are other ways to do it. 

Here, women share what not to do, as these are the quickest ways they hate someone. 

Men telling women to smile

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Women would like men to know that this is really creepy.

One Redditor who worked in restaurants during college dealt with this all the time. After enough encounters, she finally snapped and said that "smiles were earned." Go, sis!

When people make fun of someone for liking things that they don't like

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"I cannot stand the elitism of some things and find it really off-putting when someone thinks they're better than others because they don't know a celebrity or they dislike things from popular culture." - u/Kind-Set9376

Been rude or dismissive to people in the service industry

Penny waitressing to Sheldon in 'The Big Bang Theory'
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Being in the frontline position of a company is tough.

If your food is late, cold, or doesn't taste good, guess who gets blamed? The waiter. These hard workers are hardly respected enough.

When people lie for no reason


"I mean seriously what do you gain from lying? I may not talk to you ever again but I will respect you a lot more if you were just honest."-u/Zealousideal-Role277. This is hard for some people to do.

When people constantly one-up you

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One Redditor had a former friend (emphasis on the "former") who would one-up everything you said.

For example, you haven't eaten lunch? She would tell people she hasn’t eaten in two days. Your dad died last week? She'd cry about her grandma who passed away two years ago.

When oeople over share really deep personal traumatic events the first or second time meeting them

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"I’m sorry that has happened but; 1. It’s triggering to hear 2. I’m not a therapist 3. We’re not close enough friends for me to support you or console you." u/ok_chill_its_fine

When someone puts their hand up to get you to stop talking

Miranda Hobbs in New York
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Miranda in Sex and the City quit her job over her boss doing this! It is so rude and similar to things like snapping your fingers to get a waiter's attention or putting your hands close to someone's face.

When someone makes another feel stupid for asking a reasonable question

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"I’m steering clear of people like that. I try and make anyone that asks questions feel comfortable, even if it’s something that is commonly known. I just figure everyone grew up different and may not always know everything that I do." - u/DepressoEspressohhh

When people make fun of others for working out

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"Do not make fun of the fat guy/girl out for a jog or going to the gym. They are trying to better themselves. The subhuman scum who shame them or giggle and whisper while they struggle to improve themselves are a detriment to society." - u/TuberculosisAZ

If someone hurts an animal

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There's a special place in hell for people who do this! It's completely uncalled for and has even been found as a sign of a psychopath. Cats and dogs are meant to be loved and cuddled, not hurt.

When someone abuses another, sexually or otherwise

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"Sexual abuse, in any variety, immediately infuriates me. Real anger. I'm not talking about being rough with a partner, I'm talking about ABUSE. Even now I'm getting angry thinking about it. The idea of it, even on screen, bothers the [expletive] out of me." - u/Tzudro

People who ask for help with everything

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It's one thing if they've tried all the avenues, searched every answer, and still ended up empty-handed. It's entirely another (and frustrating) when a person doesn't even try and immediately asks for help.

Proudly stupid people

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"There's a woman i work with that is vehemently proud about the fact that she cannot set an alarm clock on a clock or phone. She still asks her mother to call and wake her up for work, if her husband cannot. She's over 40 and has a family." - u/niftychicksta

When people talk during movies

Couple at movie theatre
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If we wanted to hear someone gab nonstop, we would've just stayed home and talked to our mom!

People pay big bucks for a movie ticket and popcorn, so, as a PSA to others: you have until the movie starts and then you shut up.

Pointing out a blemish on someone's face

Man saying "you're rude."
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"Or to comment on somebody else's appearance at all. If I don't wear makeup one day, somebody is going to tell me that I should sleep more. Thanks, these bags are genetics." -u/raccooneyes

Someone proposing at a person's wedding

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The thoughts on this are mixed. While some find it romantic, others view it as the ultimate douchebag move.

One woman shared that if this happens at her wedding, she will step in, end the proposal, and ask them both to leave.

When someone is driving super slow for no reason

Man hitting car with bat
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"Especially at 7:30 am. I'm trying to get to work, you slow bastard, I'm not up at this time for the fun of it, stop driving at 40mph the whole way whether the speed limit is 60, 50, or 30." - u/chilari

Men who treat their wives like crap

Man holding wife against wall
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"My first day working with a guy he screamed at his wife over the phone for half an hour(on speaker phone) because she cashed in a five dollar lottery ticket that he thought was worth ten." - u/TheReflectiveBum

People who let their untrained dog off the leash

Dog off leash
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These people love to say, "oh, he's friendly!" as the dog barrels toward you and your dog. One woman had their annoying line said to her as a big dog was jumping all over her and her pregnant belly. Leash your dogs!

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