19 Cursed Photos I Can't Stop Looking At

Sarah Kester
Dwight Schrute screaming
Scary Mommy | NBC

Feeling comfortable today? Had a nice sleep? It's time to ruin that.

See, if you venture to the deep depths of the internet as we did, you're bound to find some strange things.

People shaping meatloaf into feet, creepy long-legged bugs that make the skin crawl, and out-of-place things that would make those with OCD twitch uncontrollably.

That's where these 19 images were found: in the land of ~uncomfy.~. Brace yourselves!

**eye twitches**

Guy's laptop with files everywhere
reddit | Whendidithappen

If you're prone to OCD, you might want to look away. This is what a Redditor saw when they looked over at someone's laptop on their flight. So basically, they were on the worst flight ever. We haven't slept well since we saw this picture.

We're feeling REAL itchy right now

Huge bug with long legs
reddit | u/Meowlik

"Just had Satan's moustache crawl across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling," this poor, poor Redditor shared. It's hard enough looking at it, less alone feeling it!

Feeling hungry for some feetloaf?

Feetloaf with beef and onions
reddit | u/yarddriver1275

This is wrong on so many levels. Mainly because the person who made this cursed recipe did too good of a job on the details. The foot looks like a monster's foot and those onions look a lot like toenails.

Time to wash the eyes out with soap

50 Shades of Grey book with bookmarks
reddit | u/andromeda31

"My moms copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I dare not look at what those bookmarks represent," this Redditor wrote. Are we sure mom bookmarked those? I mean, it could've been dad dropping hints...

At least you get more cake?

No-show graduation party
reddit | u/TheMemeMachine3000

Sadly, this isn't an image of a graduation party before everyone showed up. It's a picture of a graduation party in full swing. Only, no one decided to show up. Time to graduate to some new friends.

The flat tires

Paper towel filled with nails
reddit | u/danarexasaurus

"After 3 flat tires, we finally decided to investigate the gravel and grass near the driveway for nails…" this Redditor wrote. After doing some more searching, they found DOUBLE this amount! Um, time for a tetanus shot!

The software update

Tesla car update screen
reddit | u/mgmcotton

And you thought waiting for your iPhone to update was bad?! Being stuck in a car is way worse. This should be a PSA for those who want their cars to be super high-tech. Hasn't anyone seen iRobot??

What a crappy design

Paper towel dispensers all misaligned
reddit | u/jonasbag

"If you're going to invest in 5 paper towel dispensers, invest in a contractor with mild pattern recognition," this Redditor wrote.

Clearly, this is the work of a disgruntled employee! Someone who wants people to be very angry and very dry.

Hope you like pickles and cheese!

McD's hamburger without the patty
reddit | u/BobSpookcastle

You had one job, McDonald's! Serve your burgers with the patty.

If you're having a bad day, this is the kind of stuff that will put you over the edge. It's just inconvenient enough to make you swear off Mcdonald's forever ~~a few days~~.

The Black Crack

The Black Crack
reddit | u/boojibs

"The Black Crack, a 65-foot-deep fissure along a trail in Canyonlands National Park in Utah," this Redditor wrote.

This is terrifying to look at. You can imagine how claustrophobic you'd feel if you were stuck down there.

This is why we can't be healthy

Kitchen with smoothie spilled everywhere
reddit | u/samrgreen

Day one of that new, healthy diet isn't looking so great! This person tried to make a smoothie and got it all over their kitchen instead.

The second photo in this series probably showed the person eating a pizza instead.

This supersized mistake

McDonald's food with a marriage proposal note
reddit | u/xhqshs

"So u/Xagreuss ordered McDonalds via DoorDash and found this in the bag," this Redditor wrote. "Not only did the DoorDash driver get their order wrong, but he also messed up some poor dude’s plans." That dude won't be McHappy about this.

Best Buy has entered the chat

Some things just shouldn't go together, like meatloaf made to look like feet and orange juice and toothpaste.

Watching streaming apps, like Netflix and HBO, on a 1976 TV doesn't just feel wrong. It looks wrong!

Time to redo driving school?

Car that hit garage support beam
reddit | u/BunBunChow

"A week after installing our new garage door opener our teenager backs into both garage doors completely dislodging them and hitting a support beam," this frustrated parent wrote. This is a good image to make people rethink having kids.

Life hacks for the win

By this logic, we have some other "shortcuts" in mind. Like wearing your hoodie backward so you can use the hood as a bowl for cereal and taking your bike to work only to walk with it the whole time.

This poor planning

Guy's pants with juice on them
reddit | u/PhilJ223

"I just spilled a full cup of orange juice all over myself on the last day of vacation," this Redditor wrote. "I didn’t bring an extra pair of pants." The shame of spilling OJ can only be saved by saying he peed his pants.

Toilet paper and waxing strips in one!

Duct tape as toilet paper
reddit | nimraen

A photo has never caused so much physical pain just by looking at it.

On the bright side, this may save people some time and money from not having to visit their waxing lady.

The wooden cutting board

Wooden cutting boards broken
reddit | u/FriscoDingo

"I appreciate your drunken late night attempt to clean, random party guest, but wooden cutting boards DO NOT go in the dishwasher," this Redditor wrote. In case you're wondering, that is a wooden cutting board that got split into pieces by the heat.

The cupholder

Drink in cupholder
reddit | u/IHaeTypos

With the way most people drive, this is just wrong on so many levels. You just know that one wrong turn will have that drink all over your lap.

It does make you wonder, though, what is that hole supposed to be meant for?