Hilarious Grandma Tweets That'll Make Anyone's Day Brighter

Sarah Kester
Funny grandma with glasses and a hat
Unsplash | RepentAnd SeekChristJesus

We can count on grandmas for a few things: making sure everyone is fed and not even the tiniest bit hungry and getting into squabbles with rude cashiers.

They are also pretty funny. How else would the late Betty White be such a treasure? Or these hilarious tweets exist? It just goes to show that grandmas aren't as cookie-cutter as we thought.

The feud

Oh, no she didn't! In case you don't know who the original poster is, it's Myrna, the internet's favorite grandma. The hilarious account on Twitter posts all sorts of funny tweets, like this one where Florence crossed the line.

The glass half full

Betty White winking
Giphy | TV Land Classic

"An actual phone conversation with my grandma: 'I know you're sad your best friend is moving' Me: 'yeah I am 'Well my best friend died,'" this grandson tweeted. Welp. Well, how can he possibly be sad now??

The ex-girlfriend

Grandma has no chill! She only knows two buttons on Facebook: like and share memories. So when she sees something pop up, she wastes no time in sharing ~~ruining people's lives~~. This guy will have to get her back by sharing that horrible perm she got!

The meowing neighbor

Cat looking intently
Unsplash | Bogdan Farca

"Nan swears blind she heard a miaowing from next door’s garden. She miaowed back. The cat miaowed. She miaowed back. This continued for minutes," this woman tweeted. "She walks down the garden to the end. Looks over the fence. Still miaowing. Sees her neighbour miaowing back at her."

Mildred's cat is missing

Myrna knows a lot about life, like why this woman's cat ran away. She must also turn her nose up at parents who name their kids after them with "Jr." at the end. She just wants the world to have some originality!

The hall monitor

Grandmas laughing on couch

"I carry a whistle to the grocery store in case someone violates the sanctity of the '15 Items Or Less' lane," Myrna tweeted. We are so happy we have people like her to keep folks in line.

The giving grandma

You have to be careful with what you tell grandmas. You mention you're hungry? They will have a huge spread out, ASAP. You tell her you like something? She will go out and get the matching pair!

The imposter cookies

Half-eaten cookie
Unsplash | Vyshnavi Bisani

"My feelings about store-bought cookies are so strong I once wore a mood ring that exploded at a reception table," Myrna tweeted. She knows that store-bought cookies can never be better than the real thing! Never ever.

The pajamas

Remember how we said that you have to be careful about what you tell your grandma? This, right here, is why. This guy could've just worn his regular clothes to bed or a curtain or something. Instead, he's stuck like this.

The decorative soaps

Grandma with glasses
Unsplash | RepentAnd SeekChristJesus

"I have made peace knowing someone used my decorative soaps while I was gone. But I never forget," Myrna tweeted. Now we know what Monica Gellar will be like as a grandma! She will prepare fancy towels and fancy soaps for guests to avoid this problem.

Jesus is looking a little different

Lord, bear this man strength! How will he have the heart to tell his grandma (and now all of her Facebook friends) that they've been worshipping Obi-Wan Kenobi? In her defense, though, they do look similar.

The siren call of Cinnabon

Betty White looking upset

"If you can’t walk three (3) laps around the mall without succumbing to the siren call of Cinnabon, then maybe mall walking is not the sport for you. cc: Barb," Myrna tweeted. Poor, Barb. The smell is hard to resist!

The John Cena bracelet

This grandma must be friends with the one who was accidentally worshipping Obi-Wan Kenobi! Maybe they both bought their items from a church garage sale that they thought was legit. Wouldn't the shirtless John Cena be a dead giveaway?

The fashion faux pas

Yellow shoes and flowers
Unsplash | Photos by Lanty

"Bernice wore her new yellow shoes to church yesterday. She had neither the decency nor the self-restraint to save them for Easter," Myrna tweeted. We may need to resurrect the show Fashion Police and get Myrna on there!

The cold shoulder

Grandma ain't playing! She knew she looked good in that picture and didn't want to be outshined. Maybe the reason she waited so long to add him was that she didn't want him to see that she had cropped him out of the picture.

The laminated coupon

Grandma smiling with hat on
Unsplash | Juan Encalada

"The cashier at Bed, Bath & Beyond gave me a dirty look when I handed her my laminated 20%-off coupon," Myrna tweeted. "She doesn't know who she's dealing with." You should know better than to mess with a grandma and her coupons!

The intruder

Aunt Molly should've just believed this grandma in the first place! Then, she wouldn't have had to get so close to this terrifying creature. By the looks of the situation, that's the possum's house now. Sorry to the owl!

The upstage

Schitt's Creek women's choir
Screenrant | CBC

"The moment I break the big news about my choir solo, Joan diverts the conversation to her upcoming gall bladder surgery," Myrna angrily wrote on Twitter. Ugh, we can't believe that Joan had the gull ~~bladder~~ to do this!

The savage grandma

What this person forgot is that grandma can't play favorites! This is not just a cute dog. This is her cute grand fur baby. That still means something in this crazy world. Plus, it's hard to be cuter than a pup.