Mother seeing her child smile for the first time.
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Pics Proving Love Is The Most Powerful Thing In The World

John Lennon once famously said, "All You Need Is Love." It's a simple statement, sure, but one that is not only incredibly profound but remarkably accurate.

Love is the most powerful force in nature. It has the power to move mountains and to defy the stars themselves. If you don't believe me, have a look below and check out these pics that prove love is the most powerful force in the world.

You never know where or when a stranger may need to read a kind word.

A note left on a pole.
Imgur | SeductiveNachos

It probably took less than five minutes for whoever wrote this note to fasten it to this pole. It's a small sacrifice indeed when you think of the incredible positive consequences that may have come as a result.

And they called it puppy love...

Mother and father husky with their pup.
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I would quite literally give my left arm to be in the middle of this adorable doggy sandwich. I'm not sure what's cuter: the fact that their paws are almost touching or the fact that the puppers is wearing people clothes!

The look of two sisters meeting for the very first time.

Toddler meeting her baby sister in the hospital.
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All I can say is enjoy those rare moments of tranquility while they last. And don't be surprised if these two wind up hating one another for the bulk of their teen years. Eventually, siblings always find their way back.

Daddy and daughter guitar lessons by the river.

Father and daughter playing guitar down by the river.
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The gift of music is one of the most beautiful things a parent can pass on to their child. My own father gave it to me, and should the day come where I ever have a son/daughter of my own — I'll pay it forward.

"The people on my mail route shovel between houses for me which is so kind, and very appreciated." - Reddit u/shittyneighbours

Snow path shoveled for mail carrier.
reddit | shittyneighbours

Letter carriers and postal workers truly are some of the unsung heroes of our society. This small gesture certainly carries a lot of weight.

This is what true love really looks like.

Couple sitting on a picnic table, husband is eating ice cream while wife rests her head on his shoulder.
reddit | Merlins_Owl

This is how you know two people are truly in love with one another — when one of them tries to capture a romantic moment, but the other one isn't quite finished with their ice cream cone yet.

A father saying hello to his daughter for the first time.

A father's first precious moments with his daughter.
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I know I've repeatedly said "I don't want kids," but I'm kind of melting inside looking at the footprint pajamas this little girl is wearing. I'm also a big fan of her hat.

"10 months ago they couldn't be in the same room." - Reddit u/Browndog888

Cat and dog cuddling together.
reddit | Browndog888

Everyone knows that cats and dogs have been mortal enemies since the beginning of time. If these two can find a way to put their differences aside, there may be hope for the world yet.

Because "can't" never "could" do anything.

Man in wheelchair learning to stand for the first time.
reddit | miraclman31

Nothing in this world is more dangerous than the limits that we impose upon ourselves. This man is a hero and an example for anyone who says that they cannot succeed in life.

"Relax, I'm a highly trained meow-ssage therapist; just let me know if that's too much pressure or you knead something special..." - Reddit u/WhileFalseRepeat

Hairless cat massaging another tabby cat on the couch.
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I'm a sucker for a good pun, I just can't help myself! I wonder if that's a trick you can train all cats to do?

The face you make after you successfully help a 112-year-old WWII veteran get home safely.

Police officer and WWII veteran posing together.
reddit | ruminater

According to the post, this WWII vet got a bit confused behind the wheel and wound up driving to the wrong town. Thankfully, there are still good people left in the world who were more than willing to help him get home.

Save the last dance for me.

A couple dancing in the street in Havana.
reddit | IonlyPlayAOE3

What's a surefire way to tell that two people are in love? When you see them get up from their table and start dancing as if no one is watching, right in the middle of the street.

You don't bring me flowers anymore.

Bouquet of flowers on the beach.
Imgur | muffintopftw

Imgur user muffintopftw was having a bad day and feeling blue. In order to pick themself up, they decided to buy a beautiful bouquet of roses and hand them out to strangers as they passed by.

A newborn meeting her uncle for the very first time.

Uncle meeting his niece for the first time.
reddit | Brando_Fett

Admittedly, the young girl looks as if she can't quite get a read on her eccentric uncle quite yet. But you can tell just from looking at these two that they're bound to become best friends.

"My son, smiling at his mom for the first time." - Reddit u/No_Step_0n_Snek

Mother seeing child smile for the first time.
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I don't have kids and I've never really understood the compulsion. That being said, even someone as closed-minded on the subject as myself can appreciate what a powerful moment this must've been.