Videos Of Princess Charlotte Scolding Prince Louis Are Relatable To Big Sisters Everywhere

Taylor Sakellis
kate middleton and princess charlotte holding prince louis at jubilee
Getty Images | Max Mumby/Indigo

As it turns out, being an older sibling in the Royal family comes with a lot of the same responsibilities as being an older sibling not in a Royal family. Doesn't that make you feel better? No? Well, people on Twitter would disagree.

After Prince Louis' hijinks at Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee went viral, a new video showing his older sister Princess Charlotte scolding him is the video every older sibling can relate to.

By now, we've all seen Prince Louis' behavior at his grandmother's Platinum Jubilee.

Sure, all kids misbehave but thankfully, there aren't millions of eyes on them because their grandma it's HM Queen Elizabeth II!

From making funny faces on the balcony to sticking out his tongue to his mom, Kate Middleton, Louis was very on-brand for a four-year-old.

While some fans tried to insult Kate's parenting in the comments, others were quick to defend the mom of three.

Being a parent to a four-year-old is like taking a seat on the world's most emotional rollercoaster — you never know what twist and turn you're going to get next!

However, it seems like Kate wasn't totally alone when trying to calm down Louis during the now infamous Sunday night celebrations.

In videos that are now going viral, fans can see Louis' older sister Princess Charlotte trying to intervene when her younger brother is acting up.

I'll be the first to say the videos hit a little TOO CLOSE to home, amirite?

As older siblings, many of us feel like we also are parenting our younger brothers or sisters.

In one video, Charlotte can be seen yanking her brother's finger out of his mouth, she immediately goes back to sitting and watching the show.

"My heart, Louis was very very obedient to his sister," tweeted one fan.

"Big sisters love to tell little brothers to calm down," joked another fan.

"I saw Charlotte giving looks the whole time & seems like she lost it hahahah. So adorable. Louis is a handful," tweeted a different fan.

Honestly, I love seeing this down-to-earth side of the Royals, don't you?