Rylee looking at the camera with a confused expression, featuring the text mentioned in the body.
TikTok | @sugarplum_ry

TikToker Finds Out Mom Secretly Signed Her Up For 'Love Island'

Bring on reality TV has jump-started the career of many people we now call famous celebrities. While it's a good way to get a lot of eyes on you, it's definitely not everyone's style.

Including one girl on TikTok who found out via text message that her mom secretly applied for her to be on Love Island, a rather heated reality show about finding love in the summertime.

Lots of young people have dreamed of being on a reality show.

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However, many others would consider it a mortifying experience, especially a show like Love Island.

Love Island hosts a group of hot singles on an island where they hope to have fun and find romance over the course of their stay. Not everyone's cup of tea.

So imagine this girl's reaction to her mom trying to get her onto the show.

Rylee looking at the camera with a confused expression, featuring the text mentioned in the body.
TikTok | @sugarplum_ry

Rylee Schindler, or user @sugarplum_ry on TikTok, posted a video about her discovering that her mom covertly had her answering the application questions.

The text on screen reads, "[When] my mom randomly signs me up to be on [Love Island], incorrectly method acting as me throughout the questionnaire without asking."

She then shows a screenshot of a text from her mom.

A screenshot of Rylee's texts from her mom, showing the one in question.
TikTok | @sugarplum_ry

The text begins, "FYI. If you get a call from a casting director to Love Island....I submitted your application."

She then goes on to explain how she answered a few questions. For example, one of the questions was "what do you want to get out of your experience on Love Island?," to which the mom answered "to be discovered so you can pursue your music career."

"I put you were bisexual and a virgin and not willing to just hook up."

She then signed off with a "you're welcome," sure that her daughter would appreciate the gesture.

That doesn't quite seem to be the case as not only does she appear a bit put off, but the caption reads "fingers crossed!!!" alongside two emojis that indicate lying.

The comments got an absolute kick out of it though.

Many people found the story to be hilarious and thought Rylee's mom was an absolute treasure, praising her and wanting a 'mom reveal' so they can further support their new idol.

Not to mention the TikTok itself got rather popular, sporting 185k views as of writing. It might not be Love Island numbers, but that's a decent audience!

h/t: LADBible