15 Moms Who Tweeted What They Wish They Could Say Out Loud

Lex Gabrielle
mom holding daughter in the forest by trees
Unsplash | Kyle Nieber

As a parent, we get to experience a lot of crazy things on an everyday, regular basis. Sometimes, parenting is easy. Other times, parenting is really hard.

We go through these crazy ups and downs with our kids where some days they are easy to handle and other days, they are hitting their siblings and asking us questions we certainly do not know the answer to. That's motherhood, right?

Have fun stepping on all of those!

Maybe we get annoyed when our kids don't clean up after themselves, especially when we step on the LEGOs ourselves. But, on the bright side, no one wants to come over, and definitely, no one wants to rob us.

Poor guy.

When our kids tell jokes and think that they are funny, we always have to force a laugh at them. We truly can't make our kids think that they are not funny—they will gain a complex and never be fun again.

I mean, she's not wrong.

We all know when someone speaks to us too early in the morning, we hate it. No one wants to be bothered so early—especially before we have coffee. So, we get it, totally, and we feel this tantrum.

Thanks, honey.

Nothing feels worse than feeling slightly insecure about our bodies and then having our kids reinforce our insecurities about our bodies. Kids are honest, almost to a fault sometimes. Now, we're always going to feel our thighs are so wiggly.

We'll never win.

Imaginary friends and imaginary pets are a fail/fail situation in our lives. We can never find them, never see them, and certainly, we cannot help our kids with them. They're the only ones who can see them, so we'll always lose.

They get it.

Kids know the deal when it comes to Halloween candy. They know we sneak in there after they go to bed. When we want to call them out, we can't argue when they call us out right back.

This is a lot.

Some kids hate when someone farts and think that it's super gross and super weird. Or, you have these kids who have to smell their sibling's farts, or else they will throw an entire fit and a half for some odd reason.

Blame the other rule maker.

Our kids don't need to know that we are the ones who make the rules, we can use the whole "don't shoot the messenger" kind of mantra so that they think someone else has made the rules.

It's too many days, we can't keep up.

Look, no one wants to be the mom who forgets to dress their kid for specific spirit days. But some schools really do go so overboard on the dress-up days. I can't keep up.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Our kids may not know how to do things in life, but sometimes, they realize how much we love kind words and flattery. We want to feel like the Queen of the Castle. So, flattery may get you a few brownies for dinner.

Of course.

Why is it that when you compliment kids for doing the right thing, they immediately want to do the wrong thing almost right away? It's like we can never get a moment of true peace and normalcy when raising kids.

I guess let's go shop.

We don't always realize how much our kids pick up on when they come along and run errands with us. But, if my kid wants to go get samples at Costco on a Thursday afternoon, we're going.

Winning over here.

Parenting hacks are what saves us in the long run, like when our kids want to hear bedtime story after bedtime story. If you make your stories boring—like, really boring—they'll ask for dad instead of asking for mom.

Let's all laugh.

As a parent, you would 100% think the money you spend on toys would go to good use. But, kids would rather use their iPad and watch Netflix on a daily basis than do the LEGO sets you spent an arm and a leg on.

That's a parenting win in our book.

If your kid gets up after falling and decides to "shake it off," I would definitely accept that as a huge parenting win. No tears, no screams, no cries. We love this mood.