Tom Hanks 'Dared' To Ask The Queen Her Favorite Cocktail

Taylor Sakellis
queen Elizabeth sipping from a wine glass
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If you had asked me five minutes ago if I had anything in common with HM Queen Elizabeth II, I would have said "Um, no" — obviously. Who would? I am a working woman whose house costs as much as a napkin at the Queen's jubilee. However, I just became aware that the Queen enjoys the same fabulous cocktail that I do.

Do you know who else was surprised at this news? Actor and Hollywood legend, Tom Hanks.

Recently, Tom Hanks divulged a bit of fun information he learned about HM Queen Elizabeth back in 2011.

tom hanks on the red carpet with rita wilson
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Appearing on The One Show this week, the Castaway star was quizzed about meeting the Matriarch at a dinner hosted by former US President and his wife, Michelle Obama.


While chatting about the exciting preparations for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, host Emma Willis said: "Big week for us in the UK as you'll probably know it's the Platinum Jubilee celebrations."

"Tom, I believe you have actually had dinner with the Queen?"

Recalling the event, Tom replied: "I was dressed up very nicely. The chit-chat with the Queen is something you've got to get ready for."

tom hanks on the red carpet looking to the side
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"I knew I was going to be sat next to her and so I wanted to be able to talk about things that were of importance but not presumptuous."

"Then out of the corner of my eye, I just saw this white-gloved hand put between me and Her Majesty this glass of water," he recalled. "But it wasn't in a water glass."

queen elizabeth II drinking a cocktail
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"What is Your Majesty’s cocktail of choice? he asked, to which the matriarch replied: "Ooh, martini!"

vodka martini being placed on the bar

"She had the one, that's what she nursed throughout the course of the night," Tom recalled. "I think, well, she's had a wonderful reign so maybe if I were to polish up my game a bit I'll start to drink martinis."

I swear, every time I learn something new about the Queen I love her even more.

And if it's true that she enjoys four cocktails a day, it's safe to say Her Majesty is living her best life — and I'm all for it!

h/t: Hello Magazine