Depp waving to fans outside the courtroom as he arrives in a black SUV.
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10 Of The Most Dramatic Moments From The Depp-Heard Trial

It's official, the weeks-long defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has come to a close. It's been a wild ride to say the least, with many unexpected moments that immediately went viral as the world watched on.

What was surely the spectacle of the year had a ton of shocking surprises that audiences couldn't have predicted, so let's take a look back at some of the trial's most dramatic moments.

When court officials stopped Depp from getting near Heard.

A news reel that shows court officials standing in the way of Depp and Heard.
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There was a dramatic moment earlier in the proceedings where Heard visibly recoiled when Depp stepped near her. Upon seeing her fear and hesitance, court officials stepped in to usher Depp back and keep the two separated.

Heard's lawyer objecting his own question.

Two screens showing Heard's lawyer in one and Ben King, who was being cross examined, in the other at the moment that the lawyer objected his own question.
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An early flounder by one of Heard's lawyers, Adam Nadelhaft, as he wound up objecting to his own question. Judge Penney Azcarate immediately informed him of the slip up, which had him apologizing and quickly moving on.

Depp refusing to make eye contact with Heard.

Heard sitting in the courtroom, leaning her chin against her hand.

It was revealed that Depp made a promise to Heard during an argument once, saying, "You will not see my eyes again."

This remained true throughout the trial as he didn't look Heard in the eyes once, which many people questioned before the reasoning was shared.

The "baby reveal".

The women who made the baby outburst in court speaking to a photographer outside of the courthouse.
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An unexpected outburst rang through the crowd during a day of questioning. A fan of Depp's shouted, "Johnny, I love you! Our souls are connected [...] This baby is yours."

All Depp did was smile and wave before the person in question was removed from the courtroom.

When Depp arrived blasting 'Exodus' from his vehicle.

Depp waving to fans outside the courtroom as he arrives in a black SUV.
Getty | Chris Kleponis

On April 27, Depp made quite the arrival to that day's proceedings by blasting Bob Marley's 'Exodus' from the black SUV he arrived in.

He looked right at a camera that was filming and said he was going "back in the little room again" before entering the court.

Kate Moss testifying that Depp never pushed her down the stairs.

A multi-screen setup showing Kate Moss testifying from her location, a shot of Amber Heard, and one of the Judge.
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Moss' testimony was one of the most talked-about celebrity appearances of the trial. Heard had previously said that she punched Depp "because she thought of Mr. Depp pushing Kate Moss down the stairs," as Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez recalled.

Well, Moss testified that Depp never pushed her down any stairs, poking a hole in Heard's claim. Heard then said she knew many people would come "out of the woodwork" to support him.

Depp's missing fingertip.

Depp in a grey suit outside of the courthouse, raising a hand in a wave to fans.
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Even talking about a severed fingertip, Depp managed to crack a small joke.

He told the story that ended with him saying, "[Heard] had thrown a bottle of vodka and cut my finger off. The tip of my finger. A good chunk."

He then gave a small smile and added, "I miss it."

Depp's doorman giving a strange dispotision.

A still from Alejandro Romero's disposition video whereing he has his fingers pressed to his temple, looking exasperated or confused.
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Alejandro Romero was the doorman at the penthouse Depp was staying in at the time of a titular fight between Depp and Heard that was discussed during the proceedings. Romero gave a pre-recorded disposition in which he was seen not only vaping as he spoke, but driving around the city as well, making for a bizarre yet humorous moment.

Depp being very friendly with his lawyer.

Johnny Depp and Camille Vazquez hugging.

Depp and his previously-mentioned lawyer, Camille Vasquez, had a number of moments were they were far more friendly than is often seen between a lawyer and their client. The two would often hug or have an arm around the other, which many fans of Depp's found heartwarming and sweet.

Depp speaking as Jack Sparrow for fans.

A moment outside of the courtroom that made waves across the internet was when Depp momentarily revived his famed role as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

As he arrived at the courthouse on May 18, a fan said, "You'll always be Captain Jack Sparrow!"

In response to this, he put on the voice of the character and replied, "He's still around somewhere. I see him now and again."