Fun Fact: Cats Who Live Together Remember Each Other's Names

Lex Gabrielle
Cat looking behind a wall
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When it comes to animals, cats tend to be the most self-sufficient and aware. Many think that cats want to do their own thing and don't really care too much about anyone else.

This is due to the fact that cats tend to keep to themselves and are a bit standoffish with other people and animals that they do not know.

Cats can actually be very attached creatures.

cat laying upside down on a wood floor
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Cat owners know to be true that a cat is a pet that does build up some form of attachment to its owners and families. While they appear to be aloof and definitely "keep to themselves," they also bond quickly with their owners.

There are also many ways humans can bond with their cats.

woman standing on her porch holding her cat wearing glasses
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Studies indicate that cats also pick up on communication and cues from humans and owners. In fact, studies indicate that you can communicate with your cats just by blinking your eyes at them.

Cats can also remember some important details.

cats cuddling together on a couch
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Apparently, cats can remember their own names and the names of others who are with them often. Much like dogs, cats can recall the names that their owners give them and call them.

On top of that, cats can also remember the names of other cats and other people.

baby kittens on a couch
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According to a new study out of Japan, if you live in the same household as a cat, there is a good chance that they remember your name.

Researchers indicate that cats listen to all conversations.

cat laying down outside on its side
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"What we discovered is astonishing. I want people to know the truth. Felines do not appear to listen to people's conversations, but as a matter of fact, they do," animal science researcher Saho Takagi explained to The Asahi Shimbun.

The study used a group of cats who live in homes with multiple cats or people.

owner in black t-shirt holding up his cat
Unsplash | Ameer Basheer

They would then use these cats in specific tests to see if they recall the names and faces of people who lived in their homes.

Utilizing photographs, they tested the cat's memory.

cat looking at a laptop on bed
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The researchers in the study presented a cat with an image of a cat from the same household, showing the cat's photograph on a computer screen. The cat would look at the photograph on the computer screen in order to elicit a reaction.

The researchers then used voice activation.

cat looking alert
Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

Then, a recording of the owner's voice would say the name of the cat out loud (called the 'congruent condition') or say a different name (the 'incongruent condition'). They would ensure that the cat was focused on the image at the given time.

Research indicates that cats from domestic households remember names.

cat high-fiving owner
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The cats in the study that were from domestic households were "confused" and would look puzzled when the names and the photos were mismatched. Of course, cats cannot speak, but researchers studied their body language.

The cats actually anticipate the match.

cat looking confused
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"Only household cats anticipated a specific cat face upon hearing the cat's name, suggesting that they matched the stimulus cat's name and the specific individual," said the researchers in the study's paper.

If you want your cat to remember names and faces, you can make sure you do a few things.

cat standing on table
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If you have a household with cats and want them to remember names and faces, be sure to associate your name with your face and your other cats or pets, as well. Name recognition can be summed up to be completed if there is proper repetition done.