Let's Look At Some More Creepy Things Kids Said To Their Parents

Jordan Claes
Damien from 'The Omen'.
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You can't even begin to comprehend what true terror feels like until you've been woken up by your toddler standing over you, breathing heavily into the night.

We all know that kids are cute, but if we're honest with ourselves, we also know that there are times when they can be downright spooky. With that in mind, let's take a look at some more creepy things that kids have said to their parents.

Are Ed and Lorraine Warren still in business?

Ed and Lorraine Warren in 'The Conjuring'.
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"My three year old[sic] tells me about how she was a mom before she was my baby, but even more eerie, recently she told me there’s a big, black, shadow man that stands at the head of my bed and watches me and her baby sister sleep." - Twitter @Wishbone_Sloane

The last time you were alive?

Hold on, just a second here. You can't drop an existential bomb like that and then just go back to playing with your bath toys! I need to know more — how did it happen the first time?

Excuse me, could you say that again?

The little girl in the video is asked by her mother whether or not she remembers the day she was born. The little girl replies from the backseat, saying that she does remember the day that the earth opened and she subsequently crawled out of hell.

It's time to move.

So did the babysitter hear two distinct voices? If so, I wouldn't have stuck around until you got home. Also, is there any chance that your Uber driver could've been a ghost? The whole thing just seems too surreal.

Something 'Insidious' is at play.

Scene from 'Insidious'.

"My daughter, at 4, called me into her room at 1 AM and told me she couldn't sleep because she was worried about the boy in the corner. She pointed to the corner and said, "Look at his eyes, Mommy. I think he's really sick. Can you hear his mother crying?"

I can't tell if this is sweet or sinister.

On the one hand, it's somewhat nice to think that deceased relatives have the power to visit us. On the other, why exactly is your father choosing to visit his grandson whom he has never met? I smell a possession story afoot!

The ghost of Grandma Sherry!

The logical side of my brain of course has to reason that the child heard you or another relative talking about Grandma Sherry at one time or another. But the paranormal enthusiast in me thinks that you have a certified haunting.

Take your creepy-ass kid home!

The only thing creepier than little kids saying creepy things is little kids writing creepy things. There's something about their handwriting that just gives me the heebee-jeebees. If my niece ever did something like this to me, she'd never be invited back.

This is the kind of stuff that gives me goosebumps.

Once again, I'm torn. I want to believe that the spirits of the ones we love would be benevolent and never wish harm upon us. But I've just seen too many horror movies to know that simply isn't ever the case.

How could she know?

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.
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"When my daughter was 2 years old, I was teaching her to pronounce her name. So I asked her what is her name and she replied Annapurna which was[sic] name of my deceased grandmother. My daughter had not even heard about this name before ever." - Twitter @sameer_cb

When you think about it, a bus pass really is more environmentally friendly.

Maybe he was commenting on the fact that you're a bad driver or possibly your daughter is a precog and you should heed her warning. That's such an ominous thing to say to someone, I'd never drive again.

I'm officially never having children.

I swear I just had an intense shudder overtake my entire body. Where do kids get this stuff from and why do they insist on torturing us with it?! What did we ever do to them?

Get out. Run as fast as you can.

There's nothing more foreboding and ominous than an old rickety set of swings. I also believe with all my being that the majority of wooded areas have ghosts wandering around in them.

Your daughter has the sixth sense!

This just reminds me of that scene from the 1950s version of A Christmas Carol where Scrooge is made to see all the spirits floating around him after his first interaction with Marley.

Hi, I'm Chucky! Wanna play?

Scene from 'Child's Play'.

"Recovering preschool Director here. Once had a 4 yr old tell me that he was going to put me in a laundry bag and hang it in a tree and bees and hornets were gonna sting me to death. Said this as I was holding him by the wrist preventing him from stabbing me with scissors." - Twitter @play_charlotte