A cat wearing reflective sunglasses.
Unsplash | Raoul Droog

Funny Tweets That Hopefully The Cat Will Appreciate, Too

Even if you aren't a cat person, you probably can't help but love those furry little jerks. They might be hard work to take care of, but they're just so cute!

It's a good thing they can't read, or else they'd know about all the funny tweets we make about them. But, like, I'm sure our cats would forgive us anyway.

Nothing worse than having a cat affair.

I'm not sure how they know, but they always seem to know. I guess photos of other cats are something a cat's sixth sense can pick up on. Not that they care that much.

Cats love to work about as much as the rest of us.

The kitty's face says it all. Funny how a creature that can't even understand human language can be such a mood for any day of the week.

"Looks just like you!"

Amazing how, as questionably made as that cat cake is, it somehow seems to capture the essence of the actual cat. It just does so in more of a "put me out of my misery" kind of way.

The most important contributor.

Now this is a guy who looks about as serious about loving his cat as he is about his actual work. I can't believe the publishers wouldn't keep the cat in the photo. Like, how dare they?

The cat will always win in the end.

I feel like whenever a couple argues about getting a cat (or any kind of pet, for that matter), the one who didn't want it ends up loving it the most. I guess time will tell here.

On my mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whoever filled in that worksheet must hate travel, because they'd be spending way too long away from their cat. But let's be real, who actually wants to be away from their cat?

BFF: Best fur friend.

The only kind of girls trip you need, to be honest. I'm sure the cat would like being anywhere in the house as long as she gets to spend a little time with her person.

Get you a cat that cares.

I love how cats will kill bugs and rodents and leave them for us as a sign of respect and affection. Like, they just don't get that we hate finding dead things, but it's the thought that counts.

When your therapist is actually just your cat:

I feel like if cats could drink wine, they'd be sipping on a glass every time their people came home from work. "Oh, you had another bad day? Let me pour my pinot."

Cat business.

Okay, I laughed out loud at the idea of a cat trying to sell you crypto from your friend's bathroom. But let's be honest, that's probably the one way you actually could get more people invested in the stuff.

When they say cats are evil, they mean this one.

Most cats are adorable, loving creatures. But some cats are really out there trying to kill their owners. For fun, I'm guessing. Or because they don't understand that sometimes they need to move out of the way.

It makes you feel chosen.

Dogs are usually pretty friendly on the street. Cats on the street can be really skittish. So when you can get a cat to come to you and say hi? It's like you're the chosen one.

Let. Cats. Have. Fancy. Restaurant. Food!

Now there's an idea right there. Michelin star restaurants for cats. Like, they serve ultra fancy, overpriced cat food so that cats can finally have the fine dining experience they deserve. Make it happen, people!

When your cat wants to be internet famous:

I, too, am losing my mind over this screenshot. Just look at that cat's face. That's the face of a cat who lives for the moment. A cat who has no regrets.

The best boooooy.

What makes it better is if the cat enters the room meowing, like it has to make its presence known. Only cats can have the most dramatic, over the top entrances to any room.

Master of disguise over here.

Okay, the cat totally doesn't know that it's wearing a security dog harness. But I feel like even if this furry little guy knew that, that wouldn't change a thing.

I also feel like we wouldn't want to mess with this cat.

This cat HATES these treats (more on page 6).

I can't believe this cat and that bag of cat treats have broken up. After such a long relationship in the public eye, too. Here I thought they were going to last...

The one universal truth that's actually a lie.

Cats do this, and dogs do it, too. They like to act like their people don't feed them. If anything, they probably get a little too much food throughout the day, mostly because of all the begging.

Respect the cat. Respect the CAT!!

Cat pictures are the only digital currency I ever want to have to use. But it honestly sucks when some people just, like, don't get how precious cat pics really are. So precious!

Choose wisely.

Oh man, these cat names are an absolute goldmine. I think my favorite is Tinnitus, but Various Authors is a close second.

Imagine actually naming a cat any of these names. That would literally be the funniest thing ever.