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TikTok Users Are Sharing What They Love About Being Child-Free

One of the biggest decisions you will make in life is whether you want to have children or not. There's still some stigma associated with that. And, of course, there's also pressure that can come from all over.

But some people are really embracing their childless life, and they have no problems telling others about that. There's even a TikTok thread devoted to this very subject. Check it out.

One woman asked people on TikTok to tell her what they like about being childless.

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And I love all the responses she got. For example, check this one out, "Some days I just go lay in bed after work, and I can stay there all night if I want." Aha, I hear you loud and clear, ha, ha.

This Fabulous Life

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"40, no kids: planning vacations, child-free adventures, luxury candles, $350 down pillows, fancy restaurants, clean furniture — the list is endless."

As they say, the possibilities are endless, hee-hee. So don't feel guilty and just enjoy it. That's what this person is doing.

This Fact Of Life

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"Sleeeeeeep! Lots of sleeeeeep!"

It's really true what they say that once you have children, you'll never sleep a day in your life. I guess some people aren't willing to let go of that sweet freedom. And I have to say I don't blame them.

This Truth

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"Not having to schedule my day around their naps/meals/school/tantrums!"

Amen to that, ha, ha. If you want a quiet house, children are the best way to mess that up. So if freedom is what you desire, you can have that.

The Joy Of Silence

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"Literally just silence. I could sit in a room in silence for HOURS."

That's definitely a luxury for any mom. And even if they occasionally get that, they usually don't have time to enjoy it anyway because they have too many things to do. Am I right?

This Sad Warning

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"59 and no kids. Spent a lifetime of being told how lonely and sad I’d be. What a load of rubbish. I’ve had and continue to have the BEST life."

Aww, what a cruel thing to say. I'm happy to hear this lady is rocking her life childless.

This Satisfying Journey

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"Sleep. Money. Quiet. Travel. Solitude. Identity."

Wow, I didn't realize how many people value sleep over everything, hee-hee. I totally get that. Lately, I haven't been getting enough, and it's taking a toll on me. Oh and having extra money is also pretty nice.

This Fulfilled Life

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"I love that I am genuinely happier than 90% of people I know with families. I love that despite society’s projections I am happy and fulfilled."

Awew I love that.

I don't know about you but I felt good reading that.

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It's great to know that despite society's pressures, there are plenty of people who can put that aside and enjoy their life being childless. There shouldn't be any guilt in doing what you want. And if having a family isn't in your cards, so be it. Just live your life the way you want. I'm cool with that.