People Weigh In On Mom's Unusual Parenting Rules Video

Lex Gabrielle
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Many different people have many different ways that they parent and raise their children. We all grew up with different rules and values that our parents instilled in us, and now as parents ourselves, we have the option to change those rules for our own kids.

Sometimes, people can view our parenting style as unconventional and weird. Other times, they can agree with us entirely.

Some people believe that the new generation of parents are a little TOO different.

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The generation of Millennials raising kids has become a bit different in terms of their parenting style and their rules. Growing up in the world that we did, we see things very differently than our parents did in the Baby Boomer generation.

One TikTok user proved this to be true with a recent video she shared about how she raises her son.

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TikTok user and mom Corrie posted a video sharing some rules that she has her son follow that "not many people understand" and some people find a bit strange. However, she says they work for her and her 1-year-old well.

Boundaries are very important to her.

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"My son doesn't have alone time with anyone that doesn't respect our rules and boundaries, including grandparents, and I've been asked what those are," said Corrie in the TikTok video.

First, she says her son is "sugar-free."

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The only person who is allowed to give him sugar is Corrie herself because she is able to limit and control the amount that he has. Other than that, she tells everyone else her son is sugar-free so that they do not give him sugar.

The other rule Corrie has is that he "doesn't have to share."

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"If he's bringing a toy to dinner at his grandparent's house, he doesn't have to share with his cousins. That extends to the playground and other situations," the mom said.

Another rule that the mom has in place is consent.

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While consent is very important, Corrie argues that you should never do "anything" without asking first. If you want to hug or kiss her son, ask him first. "He knows the difference between yes and no," she says.

And, lastly, she says he has a screen-time limit.

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The last rule that she implements is "screen-time limits." Being only a year old, Corrie doesn't think that her son needs to be sitting in front of a TV or an iPad all day long.

Some TikTok users really admired Corrie's parenting rules and styles.

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Many people respected Corrie's rules and actually agreed with a lot of time, even the one about her son not having to share.

"Adults seem to think kids are toys and they can do what they please to them and with them. I respect these boundaries," said one person on TikTok.

Others agreed with the mom about respecting parents' rules, even if you don't agree with them.

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Another TikTok user said she agrees, she doesn't leave her kids alone with anyone who doesn't respect or follow her parenting rules. Even if you may not agree with them, they are their kids and you do need to follow them.

There were some, however, who did not agree with Corrie's rules.

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There were many TikTok users who felt some of these rules were "far too much." Some said that while consent is important, asking your 1-year-old son if you're allowed to change him may backfire. It can result in a diaper rash!

Others said the "no sharing" is teaching him to be selfish.

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Some other parents and TikTok users chimed in saying that by teaching her son he doesn't have to share, she's setting him up to be rather "selfish" and entitled—which can backfire.

Well, to each their own!