Bride Left Stunned After Bridesmaid Chooses A White Dress

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There are many unspoken rules about weddings that people in society follow. A lot of times, wedding etiquette is just simple things you do and do not do when attending someone else's wedding.

From gift-giving to dress code, everyone knows that you do specific things to not "upstage" the couple or look cheap. One unspoken rule is that you don't wear white to someone else's wedding.

When getting married, brides typically wear white.

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Although the reasoning behind it may be ancient and bit outdated, many brides today still wear white wedding dresses and gowns for their special day. Many people know that you just simply do not wear white to another person's wedding, as the bride is supposed to be the only one in white.

Many brides are very adamant when it comes to this rule.

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While the rule is one of those "unspoken" ones that people know, there are also brides who make sure that no one wears white by adding it to their wedding invites or implementing a dress code for others to follow.

However, not everyone always gets the memo.

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Recently, one Reddit user shared that her sister is getting married soon and wanted her bridesmaids to find a dress to wear for the wedding. She told the bridesmaids they can have any style of dress/gown as long as it was gold.

Today, it's common that brides allow their bridesmaids to find their own dresses.

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Where in the past, brides usually got the same dress for their entire bridal party, more often today brides are using color palettes and allowing their bridesmaids to buy their own dresses. That way, everyone can afford what they can afford and pick something they like that is flattering to their body.

Unfortunately, one bridesmaid totally missed the point.

Bridesmaid White Dress
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The Reddit user shared a photo of the dress that a bridesmaid picked out and purchased. The dress is definitely not gold and instead is totally white. The Reddit user and her sister did further research and it turns out, that the dress is actually a wedding gown.

Obviously, her sister was upset.

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Not wanting to cause huge drama and confrontation, her sister was unsure how to tell the bridesmaid that the dress just won't work for the wedding. I mean, no bride wants someone else to come to their wedding—let alone be a bridesmaid—wearing a wedding gown on their own wedding day.

People on Reddit were floored.

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Taminella_Grinderfal said that unless you live in a cave, you know the proper rules and wedding etiquette that you don't wear "white or ivory" to a wedding, no matter what the bride is wearing. It's just rude and in poor taste.

Others felt the bridesmaid "knew what she was doing. "

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Tanyec shared that the woman "had to have known what she was doing," which is why the bridesmaid told her sister she already bought the dress, rather than "what do you think of this dress?" And, she agrees it is 100% a wedding gown.

Many Reddit users said the only response is tough love.

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Some Reddit users said the sister had to be straight up and ask her why she would ever think wearing a wedding dress to her wedding would be appropriate. Sometimes, you just have to be upfront, even if it comes off mean.

However, some gave some solid responses to send.

return it
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soph_lurk_2018 shared that her sister should say, "Did you keep the receipt? It looks too much like a wedding dress and it’s not gold. I’m sure the store will let you return or exchange it. Otherwise, you can save it for your wedding.”

Overall, everyone was hoping that the bride would "stand up for herself."

get her
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"I beg you, get your sister to stand up for herself. I used to let people walk all over me because I was a people pleaser. That doesn’t work out well. It’s time to find her voice. That woman either knows exactly what she’s doing, or she’s too dumb to be left to her own devices," said LongbowTurncoat.

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