Parents Share The Scariest Things Their Kids Have Said Or Done

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Kid playing with dog.
Unsplash | Laura Ohlman

Kids say and do just the darndest things, don't they? And by 'darndest' I mean 'weirdest, most inexplicably terrifying things that will haunt you forever'. Listen, kids are just weird sometimes, and they say weird things that also happen to be frightening.

When parents were asked to share some examples of their kids saying some scary stuff, they were happy to provide, giving us stories like the ones featured here.

At least it's a compliment?

A mom and daughter making silly faces in a mirror.
Unsplash | Sai De Silva

"When my daughter was around 4 [years] old, she had a habit of waking me up by getting 4 inches from my face and staring at me until I opened my eyes. Once my eyes opened, she'd say, 'Mommy your face is pretty. I want to wear it on my face.' Ok, Hannibal, let's get some breakfast."

Life before life.

A helicopter flying.
Unsplash | Isaac Benhesed

"I was asking my 3-year-old if he remembered being born then I asked him if he remembered what happened before he was born. Without missing a beat or any prompting from me other than the question he goes 'I was in a helicopter that go round and round and round then BOOM into the ground!'"

Predicting the future.

A wooden staircase.
Unsplash | Alex Shu

"A few weeks ago I was getting breakfast ready for my 3-year-old when he nonchalantly told me his Grandma fell down the stairs. About an hour later Grandpa calls us to tell us Grandma had fallen down the stairs.

Also last weekend my 3-year-old said my sister was going to visit the next day and guess who showed up for a 'surprise' visit..."

Not his first rodeo.

A baby looking curious.
Unsplash | Kevin Gent

"My three year old son said, 'Next time I'm a baby, I want to have green eyes.' I asked him if he had been a different baby before being who he currently is, and he squinted his eyes, looked at me like I was an idiot, and said, 'Yes, papa.'"

Best left unexplored.

Unsplash | Ira Vishnevskaya

"Friend's younger brother once asked me if I could see 'The hands' from the basement [ceiling] and wanted me to go down and check it out. Never went down and never found out what it meant but it gave me a creepy vibe."

Ghostly movements.

A highchair set at a table.

"I heard the one-year-old's high chair move even though nobody was near it. I asked the three-year-old, 'what was that?' and he said, while pointing to the chair, 'what is SHE doing here!?'"

Absorbed knowledge.

Kid playing with dog.
Unsplash | Laura Ohlman

"I used to say things my grandfather used to say a lot. Like yelling out in German at our dog. My grandfather died years before I was born."

Disturbing images.

A car on fire.
Unsplash | Matt Hearne

"When my daughter was little she was crying and I went to check on her. She said she couldn't get the picture to go away. I said what picture? She pointed to an empty spot on the rug. I asked her what it was a picture of. She said it was my car on fire. I was leaving for a long road trip a couple days later. I never drove so carefully in my life."

Are fires a trend here?

A kid looking out a car window.
Unsplash | Lucia Macedo

"Picked him up from daycare when he was 3 [years old]. Driving home, totally quiet, him just staring out the window... he randomly asks 'hey dad, 'member that time we died in a fire?'"

A safe separation.

A section of a cemetary.
Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

"My sister came up to me and said she’ll dance on my grave then ran back to her dolls to play with them. I love her but she lives in her own world that I do not want to be [a part of]."

Beautiful scenery.

Earth from space.
Unsplash | NASA

"A kid once sat near a campfire and seemed to be lost in thoughts. I asked what he is thinking about. This 6 yr old said 'I wish I was high up in space and the whole world was on fire. That would be beautiful.'"

Evil above us.

A group of kids pointing up.
Unsplash | Ajay Karpur

"My one-year-old will point to a spot on the ceiling, say awwww, make grabby hands towards it then begin tracking whatever it is she sees and blowing kisses at it. I'm pretty sure it's satan. Nothing good lives on the ceiling."

No, thanks.

A closeup of a woman's eyes.
Unsplash | JC Gellidon

"Well, this morning I was lying in bed, my almost 2-year-old came up, put her face right up to mine and I [thought] maybe she wanted a kiss. Then she said 'Mama, I want [to] eat your eyes please'."

A young protector.

A creepy angel statue.
Unsplash | Ana Bórquez

"He started refusing to go downstairs (age around 3-3.5), terrified, saying there was an evil ‘angel man’ down there that wanted to hurt the whole family. Consistently drew the same picture of said angel man too."

Sleepwalking, sleeptalking.

Two white rabbits in the grass.
Unsplash | Md Hasnat Shahriar Shanto

"My oldest daughter occasionally sleepwalks. A few weeks ago she came out of her room and into the living room where me and the wife were watching tv. I asked her what was wrong and all she said was 'The rabbits won't stop screaming'. Then she turned around and went back to her room. Kinda creeped me and the missus out a bit."