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Dad Goes Viral Dressing Up As VSCO Girl For Halloween

If you're like me and you're no longer considered a tween or a teen, you might not be as well versed in today's slang as you would like. Hey, it's okay, we all have to get old at some point.

So for anyone who doesn't know, a VSCO girl is someone who regularly posts photos using the VSCO photo editing and sharing app.

They all tend to use the same filter and all tend to look remarkably similar.

Personally, I find it easiest to just say they all look like they're sort of trying to bring back the 2000s "beach girl" vibe without ever actually having experienced being a beach girl in the 2000s.

Oh, and every VSCO girl usually takes her pictures with any assortment of the items you see below, and then some.

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These include a Hydro Flash water bottle, a scrunchie, a Brandy Melville crop top or over-sized tee, maybe some pukka shells around her neck... The list goes on.

But to be honest, you really don't want to be branded a VSCO girl because it's definitely become the new face of "basic."

That is unless you're a pretty rad dad looking to make a splash on the internet.

One dad from Kansas did just that after he decided to dress up as a VSCO girl for Halloween.

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According to Popsugar, the unnamed man's iconic look surfaced on his daughter's TikTok channel recently, winning over the hearts of people everywhere.

In one clip, we see him and his wife in their regular clothes, which they seem pretty unsatisfied with.

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Then the video smash cuts to their new looks, which include dad's now-legendary VSCO girl outfit.

And believe me when I say this costume is *everything and more*.

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I am living for that amazing wig he has. It really ties the look together.

And there are so many scrunchies!

I'm sure he got a lot of help from his daughter because his VSCO girl outfit is just so incredibly spot-on.

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In order to truly embody the latest pop-culture stereotype, the dad has slipped into an oversized "save the turtles" tee-shirt, complete with plenty of scrunchies, bright green Crocs, and is toting his trusty reusable water bottle.

He did divert from the O.G. look a bit when he put on a pair of black tights, but no one wants to see dear-old-dad strutting his stuff without pants on.

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Plus, it was probably a little too chilly for bare legs.

In another clip, dad goes one step further and starts spouting some VSCO girl slogans.

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His "sksksks", an impression used by teens to indicate laughter or just general enjoyment, is darn-near perfect.

His "and I oop"? Oscar-worthy.

TikTok | it's_me_bish

(I know this is a lot of random words to some of you but just trust it's all top-notch VSCO girl content.)

Even mom got in on the fun with her "eboy" Halloween costume.

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Eboys are another popular TikTok meme, sort of like the emo kid style of our youth but a bit more polished and way more admired.

She dressed in all black with a chain necklace, black polish, and the typical "eboy" facial tattoo of a cross on the upper cheek.

TikTok | it's_me_bish

Mom also totally nails the eboy attitude.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest you check out the video of this dad living his best VSCO girl life.

TikTok | it's_me_bish

Even if you don't understand the whole "VSCO girl" thing, you can at least find some enjoyment in watching a dad have fun with his Halloween costume and knowing he's brought joy to plenty of people on the internet.

Check out the full video on TikTok.

h/t: Popsugar