Eternal Hunk Rob Lowe, 58, Says He Still Feels Like He's 20

Taylor Sakellis
rob lowe sunshine selfie
instagram | @roblowe

When times are hard, it's easy to long for the past. It might be because of nostalgia, or it might be because everything was significantly better when I was growing up. Seriously though, does anything beat the '80s? No. The answer is no.

So when '80s icon Rob Lowe says he still feels like he's twenty, I can't argue with him. Don't we all wish we could go back to the good ol' days?

I don't think it's dramatic to say Rob Lowe is literally one of the most beloved celebrities of all time.

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Giphy | Parks and Recreation

From his time in the brat pack to Wayne's World to his role as the loveable Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, Rob is an unstoppable force.

Recently, the actor got candid about his 58th birthday during an interview with Ellen.

“I’m at the age where we don’t talk about what birthday it is,” he joked, to which Ellen replied, “I don’t know what birthday it is. I asked somebody and I don’t think anybody knew.”

Rob goes on to say: "This isn’t an ego-vanity thing—let’s be fair, I’ve got huge amounts of both, let’s not be crazy—but it really is that thing where you go, ‘I feel like I’m 20.'"

rob lowe the grinder
Giphy | The Grinder

"And that’s what I feel like, and who I am and what I’m about."

"Age is truly a number, it’s a cliché, but it’s true."

"You look amazing. So as long as you feel 20, 70 is nothing," Ellen joked.

Honestly, I think this serves as a great reminder to us all that we really are only as old as we feel!