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Dad's Gender Reveal Reaction Has Viewers Wanting To Hug The Mom

Ah, the wild and wacky world that is gender reveals. If you've spent any time on a mommy blog or Reddit thread, you already know that gender reveals are kind of a controversial subject. While many parents love them, others think they're unnecessary and potentially even harmful in the long run.

I say as long as you're not starting wildfires or causing anyone bodily harm, you can keep your gender reveals mom and dad! Just please, be safe!

Well, as it turns out, there's another rule I need to add to my gender reveal rule list.

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It's one I never thought I'd have to clarify, but here it goes — before hugging your friends, FATHERS, please hug the wonderful woman that is carrying your child around for 9 months PLEASE AND THANKS.

If you're looking around wondering who would ever snub the mother of their child for their ~boys~ then you must have not seen THAT viral TikTok.

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In the video, 18-year-old Hannah Calverley throws a pitch to her 19-year-old baseball player boyfriend, Travis Gober.

As Travis hits the ball, blue powder bursts into the air.

While Hannah runs toward Travis, a mob of Travis' friends swarms the 19-year-old and he celebrates with them without so much as a glance toward the mother of his child.

The comments were quickly filled with concern for the young mom.

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"Not me wishing I was there to hug her and congratulate her in this special moment," commented one TikTok user.

"Mom just waited but got no hug," said another.

"Did they forget who was carrying the baby?" echoed a different user.

Speaking with "Today Parents" the young mom explained her side of the story.

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TikTok | @hannah.j.c16

“I didn’t think anything bad about it until I started reading the comments,” she said. “What people didn’t see was how he came over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss right after. We were so overjoyed and excited.” 

She insisted that her boyfriend cooks her dinner every night and is eager to become a father.

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TikTok | @hannah.j.c16

“He hardly ever goes out. He just wants to be home with me on the couch,” she explained, adding that he always puts her first.

Well, as long as she's okay that's all that matters, right?

h/t: Today Parents