Celebrities React After Elon Musk Officially Buys Twitter

Rae Batchelor
Elon Musk.
Getty | Theo Wargo

The world was pretty shocked on April 25th when Elon Musk was officially revealed as the new owner of social media platform Twitter. Musk, who already was in charge of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and the Boring Company added Twitter to his collection after a $41.4 billion dollar offer was accepted by the platform.

While some people are certainly excited by this news, not everyone is on board — including some celebrities, who have taken to social media to share their feelings on the acquisition by the controversial figure who is always making the news.

Elon has been pretty open about what his plans for Twitter include.

While Elon has declared he wants to get rid of spam bots, allow Twitter users to "speak freely within the bounds of the law," and create a platform that is "maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization," not everyone has been as excited as he is.

Some celebrities are worried about what Musk's definition of free speech might include.

"Ah he got twitter. I would like this to be my what lies here as my last tweet. Just really *any* excuse to show pics of Barold. I fear this free speech bid is going to help this hell platform reach its final form of totally lawless hate, bigotry, and misogyny. Best of luck," tweeted actress and activist Jameela Jamil.

Some celebrities had other ideas for what could be done about the platform.

Rapper Ice T next to a bulldog on a park bench.
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"It would kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut it off…. Lol," shared rapper and actor Ice T.

"I’m not going anywhere. Should this place become more toxic, I pledge to strive even harder to lift up reason, science, compassion and the rule of law. The struggle against fascism, misinformation, and hate requires tough fighters. I hope you stay in the fight, right beside me," George Takei tweeted.

Some were just concerned about the price tag.

Marvel star Simu Liu asked whether or not there was something better that could have been done with the money involved.

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