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ICYDK: A Vegan McDonald's Exists And Apparently It's Fantastic

Everyone loves fast food. Deep down, despite how bad it may be for you, we all love a good McDonald's or Wendy's meal. The salt, the spice—everything about it makes our mouths water. However, not everyone is always able to find something to eat at these locations. For those who are vegan or vegetarian, it can be difficult to find something that you can eat at chain places like these.

Many people are constantly looking for ways to incorporate fast food into their life and stick to their diets.

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Many grew up loving and eating McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants. As children, some enjoyed meat and chicken—so having fast food was easy and tasted good. Now, as vegans and clean eaters, they still crave the deliciousness but want to maintain their meat-free diets.

Fortunately, there is a new McDonald's that's totally vegan in California.

A new restaurant has opened in California that is a 100% vegan version of McDonald's—but they're not connected to it. Mr. Charlies, the restaurant's name, is a plant-based version of McDonald's owned by Charlie Kim. According to the LA Times, the owner wanted to create a fast-food place that was easy for vegans and still tasted as good.

The restaurant offers many "similar menu items."

The restaurant opened just recently and while it's not totally connected to McDonald's, the arches and the colors resonate with all McDonald's lovers. The menu has similar items that are all plant-based and meat-free. Many TikTok users have been sharing reviews.

The menu is very similar to the generic McDonald's, too.

The main meal that Mr. Charlie's sells is called the "Frowny Meal." The Frowny Meal—which is similar to a "Happy Meal"—includes a "Not a Hamburger," which is an impossible burger. The burger includes pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It's 100% plant-based, too.

The meal also includes "chicken nuggets."

The meal also includes "Not Chicken Nuggets" which are plant-based chicken nuggets. You can also add "cheese" to your burger or anything else—and it's all vegan and meat/dairy-free. The meal also comes with fries and a soda. It was only $15 for everything!

Of course, you can also order individual items separately.

If you don't want to order the entire meal, you can also order all of the items separately and get them "a la carte." If you are someone who enjoys impossible burgers, it's the best way to get one and still feel as though you're getting that fast-food experience you want.

They even have a mock chicken sandwich.

Mr. Charlie's also introduced a "Not a Chicken Sandwich." The sandwich, of course, is plant-based chicken. The food, apparently, tastes very similar to McDonald's which means that you KNOW the taste is mouthwatering.

The reviews have been amazing.

Many people on social media have been sharing their experiences of going to Mr. Charlie's online. The reviews have been nothing short of amazing—with many sharing inside looks at the restaurant. Mr. Charlies even keeps those signature red and yellow boxes for their meals.

Some said it took them "right back to their childhood."

Many shared online that they couldn't remember the last time they were able to eat fast food like McDonald's due to their plant-based diet. While they say it may not be the "healthiest," they're excited to have something that takes them "right back to their childhood."

Even the fries have an uncanny resemblance to the original McD's fries.

Some shared that the menu items will allow you to feel like you're in a McDonald's. In addition, the burger has the same type of toppings as a regular McDonald's burger—down to the chopped onions.

Hopefully, the plant-based location will expand.

While there is only one location currently, many are hoping that Mr. Charlie's is able to expand beyond California. The plant-based community is loving the inclusivity of this fast-food chain! Here's to hoping we can get them all over the country!