Just Wholesome Rescue Pets To Brighten Up Our Day

Jordan Claes
Pitbull playing in ball pit.
reddit | MARLeague

How do human beings repay the unconditional love given to us by our pets? We neglect them, abandon them, and in some horrific instances — have even been known to abuse them.

But just because an animal's life might sometimes begin badly, that isn't to say that it always ends the same. Happy endings are real, and superhero paw-parents do exist.

So if your day is in need of a little brightening up, take a look below at these wholesome pictures of rescue pets.

There's always time for play.

Dog cuddling with owner.
reddit | thebaldingqueen

That is the face of a good boy (or girl) who has more excitement than they can handle. I didn't even know that a dog's eyes could open that wide until I stumbled upon this adorable little dude.

Smiling from ear to crooked ear.

Happy dog in car.
reddit | the-dogtor-is-in

Are you kidding me? Does this dog have one crooked ear and one straight ear?! Oh my god — I want to eat it! Not literally, I should clarify. Just as a figure of speech.

I'm not normally a cat person, but those eyes are just too much.

Cute cat laying on the bed.
reddit | mirrx

Congratulations my furry feline friend, you've done something that no other cat has ever been able to do. If I saw your adorable face in the window of a pet shop, you bet I'd be doing a hard 180°.

It's not your bed — it's our bed.

Dog playing on the bed.
reddit | toilet_commentary

I hope you enjoy having a bedmate mate because you don't have much choice in the matter from here on out. Not that it matters, I just thought you should know.

So this is what it feels like to have a paternal instinct... I like it.

White cat with blue and green eyes.
reddit | Ok_Flow_8679

I don't know what it is about animals with different-colored eyes, but whenever I see one my heart kind just kind of does this whole "implosion" thing.

These two are bad news in the best possible way.

Black cat and grey cat inside a pen.
reddit | CutieToTop

These two seemed destined to get into trouble. They look as if they could have their own Disney franchise, for crying out loud! They could call it A Tail of Two Kitties; has that been done already?

Can I take you home?

Cute pictures of boxer before/after adoption.
reddit | Keeper-Of-The-Cosmos

When I look at the image on the right and see how skinny this beautiful girl was before her adoption, it just makes me want to cry. But then when I see the photos of Stella (yes, I've named her Stella in my mind) wearing a butterfly crown, my heart leaps for joy.

What an adorably thick puppy!

Chubby golden retriever puppy on hind legs at door.
reddit | Alduin_77

Dang! Not even 12-weeks old and already you've got a booty. From the looks of it, somebody hasn't been missing a lot of meals. It might be a good idea to switch to the diet kibble for a while.

The look you make after rolling around in your new backyard for the first time.

Cat rolling around in the grass.
reddit | gothmuffin69

I could be mistaken, but I believe that's a leash off to the right in the photo. I'd always been curious as to what kind of people would walk their cats in public? I guess now I know — heroes.

"Newly adopted big boy doesn’t know what personal space is." - Reddit u/hopelessromanticL

Dog ducking its head under owners crossed leg.
reddit | hopelessromanticL

Personal space is not a luxury you can afford nor one you require as a dog owner. The dog isn't the one with separation anxiety. I'm the one with separation anxiety.

Shouldn't you be in Egypt, sitting on top of a pyramid?

Cat with ornate eyes and big ears.
reddit | KeyserSozeWearsPrada

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mildly intimidated by this handsome-looking specimen. Yet some part of me also feels that it could start talking and begin to ask me a riddle at any moment...

I'm never going to move from this spot, ever again.

Puppy sleeping on couch with owner.
reddit | ilike_psyduck

When I die, I hope it's because I've been suffocated to death by an army of puppies sitting atop my 90-something-year-old chest. I understand how that might sound a little sick to some people, but I'm just speaking my truth.

I'd let you cross my path, any day.

Black kitten with very big eyes.
reddit | Valkrya

Oh, my FREAKING god, the cat looks like it's wearing eyeliner! How has this heart-melting charcoal nugget not been cast in a Whiskas commercial?! I'd buy cat food if it told me to and I don't even own a cat.

We get it-you're adorable.

Dog wearing a fur hat.
reddit | CrystalAckerman

There are a few things that I will always have a soft spot for, and seeing dogs dressed up in people's clothes is most definitely one of them. I really hope that's faux fur, but other than that — I think it's great.

Sleepy baby.

Cat asleep in owners arm.
reddit | terribleandtrue

"I’m a 'dog person' who just got adopted by a cat because she felt so familiar, so comfortable, like we’re soulmates who were separated. Love Nala for coming into my life at the absolute perfect time, when I needed her most." - Reddit u/terribleandtrue