Common Dog Bowl Cleaning Mistake Could Be Causing Illness

Taylor Sakellis
dog licking his face by bowl of food
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As dog owners, we are our own unique type of breed. We care about our animals as much as we care about ourselves. It's not uncommon for my boyfriend and me to speak about our dog as other people speak about their children.

If there's anything I can do to keep my dog extra safe I'll do it, and this latest study about dog dishes has proven many of us have room to improve — myself included!

Dogs make the best pets, don't they? Sorry cat people, but you know it's true!

two dogs swinging their tails
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I love all pets, but there's just something about dogs. They're loyal and trustworthy. They're the ultimate best friend and, of course, they're cute as heck.

Every dog owner does their best to ensure their canine companion has the best quality of life possible.

dogs lined up by a pink wall
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However, there could be one sneaky thing you've been missing that could cause some major issues down the line.

In a new FDA report, shared by The Mirror, your dog's dish bowl could be a lot diritier than you ever imagined.

The study examined 417 dog owners to evaluate the impact of the FDA's hygiene protocols on food bowl contamination.

dog eating out of bowl
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Not only did it reveal that most dog owners were not regularly washing their pet's food bowls, but it also revealed that many owners were unaware the FDA had dog food rules at all!

In addition to properly storing your dog's food and keeping it away from your own, it is recommended to wash your dog's bowl every day.

dog eating out of food bowl
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Underwashing "poses significant health risks to pets and pet owners" the report reads. These unwashed bowls create a nasty environment where salmonella and listeria can thrive.

It's in the best interest of yourself and your furry friend to stay on top of the cleaning!

h/t: The Mirror