Liza Minnelli Shows Off Big Smile After Oscars 'Sabotage'

Taylor Sakellis
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Liza Minnelli has been making headlines in the weeks following the 2022 Oscars. At first, it was because fans were thrilled to see the starlight on stage with Lady Gaga to present the biggest award of the night. Then, it was because her close friend Michael Feinstein claimed she had been "sabotaged" that night.

Now, Liza is showing fans she's doing alright in a new, smiling selfie with Michael.

Last week, Liza Minnelli's close friend and occasional creative partner Michael Feinstein made a heartbreaking revelation about the Hollywood icon's appearance at the 2022 Oscars.

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Giphy | The Academy Awards

As fans will recall, Lady Gaga accompanied Liza Minnelli on stage to present the final award of the night in one of the show's most memorable moments.

As the "Cabaret" star hit the stage with Lady Gaga, the audience leaped to their feet.

"Do you see that? The public, they love you," Lady Gaga told Liza, to which she replied: "I don't understand," while sorting through her notes.

In the most touching moment of the night, Lady Gaga gripped her arm and assured Liza that she's got her, to which Liza said: "I know."

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Giphy | The Academy Awards

During a night full of controversy, these two provided a refreshing and wholesome reminder to us all about what the Academy Awards are all about.

"You know how I love working with legends," Lady Gaga continued.

"And I'm honored to present the final award of the evening with a true show business legend."

After the nominees for Best Picture were announced, Liza smiled to the camera and said: "Hi everybody! I'm so happy to be here, especially with you. I'm your biggest fan."

Her smile alone was enough to melt everyone's hearts.

Viewers at home were touched by Gaga's patience and love for the 76-year-old.

Many people took to social media to praise the singer for her kindness and praise the example she set for young people everywhere.

However, it is now being reported that this sweet moment had a lot of pain and confusion behind it.

liza minnelli
Giphy | The Academy Awards

While chatting on SiriusXM’s "The Jess Cagle Show," Liza's good friend Michae Feinstein explained the pair's moment in more detail.

Michael got candid with his thoughts and accused the Oscars of sabotage.

“She was sabotaged. That’s a terrible word to use, but she only agreed to appear on the Oscars if she would be in a director’s chair, because she’s been having back trouble," as per The Guardian.

"She said, 'I don’t want people to see me limping out there.' She said, 'You know, I want to look good. I don’t want people to worry about me.'"

Michael explained that in the hour before Lady Gaga and Liza were to hit the stage, organizers were in a fluster following the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident.

According to Michael, a stage manager informed Liza just minutes before her presentation that she would be seated in a wheelchair and not in a director's chair as she requested.

“She was nervous,” he said, “and it made her look like she was out of it."

"Can you imagine being suddenly forced to be seen by millions of people the way you don’t want to be seen? That’s what happened to her."

However, it seems like Liza has moved past the event and was all smiles at a recent outing with Michael.

The selfie features Michael, Liza and another woman...what's her name... oh yeah, JOAN COLLINS! Ever heard of her?

This starstudded trio were snapped in a seflie that Michael posted alongside the caption:

"Had a lovely time last night with these two ladies."

Well, I'm glad Liza is in good spirits as she always deserves to be.