18 Hotels That Came Up With Clever Solutions For Guests

Kasia Mikolajczak
Unsplash | Francesca Saraco

Who misses traveling? How about staying at a hotel, huh? That's a luxury many of us haven't had in a long time. So I thought it would be cool to show you some awesome solutions hotels have implemented to kick start your desire to travel again.

Let's hope that soon enough, we too, will be able to indulge in these super cool hotel amenities. I can't wait. How about you?

This Dog-Friendly Sign

dogs are welcome hote sign
reddit | CrazybyRX

I've always wanted to travel with my dog. Truth be told, it's hard to leave your best friend behind. But as many of you know, not all hotels allow pets. However, this one here is very proud to be pet-friendly, and I love that.

This Funny Surprise

funny towel animal sitting on the toilet in a hotel room
reddit | OyeSimpson

I've stayed at many hotels before, and I always dig it when the cleaning staff does something cool like leaving a towel animal. However, I've never seen a funny scene like this one, and I'm hoping one of these days the staff will do this in my room as well, ha, ha.

This Hotel Light Switch

hotel light switch with descriptions
reddit | ardakerem

I always find it quite annoying when I can't quickly figure out which light switch controls what in a hotel room. So this simple idea is such a lifesaver. Don't you think so, too? I need this for my house, hee-hee.

This Safety Feature

hotel Exit signs on the top and bottom of stairway entrance
reddit | dicec

Safety is number one in my life. That's why I'm totally applauding this hotel here. Not only do they have clear "Exit" signs, but they also have them on the ground level in case of fire. That way, you can see them even if you need to be on the floor trying to avoid smoke inhalation. Seriously, this should be a standard all around, no?

This Water Flow Meter

shower water flow meter
reddit | nashtor

"The shower at my hotel has a flow meter to know how much water you use. Ice cap is melting and polar bear disappears if you use too much."

That's such a great idea, huh? It should help people be more eco-friendly, no?

This Alarm Clock

alarm clock with display on front and side
reddit | thinksInDownvotes

If you travel with somebody one of you usually ends up with a kink in their neck trying to see the alarm clock. Isn't that right? So I'm super excited that this clock here has the display on the front and on the sides. Yay!

This Bathroom Mirror

no steam bathroom room mirror
reddit | [deleted]

Isn't it annoying when you come out of the shower, and the bathroom mirror is all steamed up? Now you have to wait for it to clear up. But not in this hotel room. There's a section of the mirror that's steam-free at all times. Nice!

This Hotel Safe

hotel safe with plug to charge electronics
reddit | sudzysoap

"My hotel safe has a plug so you can charge your electronics while they are locked away."

Seriously, why hasn't somebody come up with this idea a long time ago? It's so handy, no? All safes should have this feature.

This Rent-A-Fish Option

If you've ever traveled solo, you know that it can get quite lonely. Am I right? So this hotel thought it would be sweet to offer a rent-a-fish option for single travelers. Take this little one for a night and feel like you have a companion. Aww!

This Shower Head

shower head with temperature adjustment
reddit | JabberVapor

Some people are so particular about the water temperature in their showers. So much so that they want to adjust it themselves. And that's exactly what the shower head in this hotel lets you do. What a nifty feature, huh?

This Current Weather Mirror Feature

weather conditions hotel mirror
reddit | bonesakimbo

"This mirror at my hotel tells guests the current weather conditions."

Oh my goodness, I don't know exactly how this works, but I love this idea. How often have you thought it was sunny outside and found out it was raining instead? This would totally prevent that, ha, ha.

This Converted Plane

Boeing 747 converted into a hotel room
reddit | EntirelyForgettable

I know that sleeping on a plane isn't always comfortable. But how about having a Boeing 747 converted into an actual room? Now that's something you can write home about, huh? I love this concept here.

This Hidden Feature

hotel with hidden billiards room behind a bookcase
reddit | bobert_the_wise

Oh my goodness, what's going on here? I know you must be wondering. Well, get this, at this hotel room, there's a hidden billiards room behind a bookcase. Wowza! And now I want to stay here, too.

This Unique Room

hotel room with acquarium view
reddit | KietyFate

Check this out. What do you think you're looking at, huh? Well, this unique hotel room is actually inside an aquarium where you can see sharks, mantas, and stingrays swimming around. Oh, wow!

This Special Request

tent set up in a hotel
Imgur | Imgur

"Missed out camping this year, so I asked for a tent in my hotel room."

Wow, not only did this hotel oblige, but they provided the perfect atmosphere for this guy and his girlfriend. Now that's the way you really make your guests feel special, huh?

This Tech-Savvy Idea

Hotel take-out cell phone
reddit | Sir-Jarvis

Get a load of this idea: This hotel room here provides a free cell phone for their guests so they can take it with them when they go out. It has unlimited mobile data as well as free calls. What an amazing concept, huh?

This Amazing Scene

greenery outside of hotel balconies
reddit | mtlgrems

When you stay at a city hotel, it can get pretty sterile, no? After all, it's a concrete jungle. But what if you could experience a bit of a real jungle while you're there? I think that was the whole idea behind this scene here. Isn't it beautiful, huh?

This Special Touch

hotel note
reddit | sskylar

"I made the mistake of forgetting my Nintendo Switch at a random hotel room while traveling. Luckily the hotel staff found it and were kind enough to ship it to me (from Maine to Canada). I was happy to get it back, but look at this note I found inside."

Aww, that's so nice.

So, are you ready to travel again?

hotel room
Unsplash | reisetopia

I hope these cool hotel amenities have sparked that travel desire inside of you, hehe. I know I'm itching to get out and discover some new places as soon as I can. And I'm happy to see that the hotel industry is trying to provide more for their customers.