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Fans Defend Kim & Khloé Skipping Line Of 'Common Folk' At Disney: 'A Safety Concern'

Last week, the Kardashians were under fire for monopolizing one of the rides at Disneyland while other paying customers waited and watched bitterly as the famous family rode the Mad Tea Party ride alone for 30 minutes.

While many people felt the decision to skip the line and use the ride exclusively for their own group was rude, others understood why the Kardashians did what they did.

In case you're not in the loop, Khloé's daughter True (with on-again, off-again boyfriend Tristan Thompson) turned 4 last week.

In celebration, she and Kim took Kim's daughter Chicago West and Robert Kardashian's daughter Dream to Disneyland to celebrate with True.

However, their visit to the happiest place on earth didn't just affect them — it affected other parkgoers, too.

The family's trip was quickly criticized by new mom Rachael Kevin, who posted a TikTok showing the behind-the-scenes of the Kardashian's picture-perfect day.

In Rachel's video, the text overlay explained what happened when Kim and Khloé came to the Mad Tea Party ride.

"When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait and watch them... so typical!" she wrote.

As for the video caption, Rachel put: "Thanks a lot @KimKardashian."

Obviously, a lot of people felt the Kardashians were in the wrong for interrupting so many people.

Many people also asked why the famous family wouldn't just rent out the entire park for the day so they could get the privacy they desire without holding up the already long lines.

However, a lot of fans came to the Kardashian's defense and argued that the famous family shouldn't be shamed for trying to keep their children safe.

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"Sorry, but if I was famous and I had kids I also wouldn’t want anyone near my kids," commented one fan. "People are crazy and famous ppl have been murdered for no reason."

It's been reported that it costs around $3,000 for such VIP service.

"Yes they have money, yes they pay for VIP, it's a safety issues for the kids. I see this all the time with celebrities at Disney," said another.

"Ummm anyone can do this with the VIP tour have done it myself you just have to pay for it relax," echoed a different fan.

"I THINK it’s for security reasons," commented someone else. "Everybody would want to go up to them and be all in their business."

Well, that's definitely one way to look at it!