TikTok User Swears By Her Nana's Hack Of Showering In Jeans

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Typically, the idea behind the whole showering thing is to remove articles of clothing before getting in the water. However, one woman decided to share a hack that involves keeping her jeans on in the shower — to loosen them up. That's right, for those waiting to lose weight in order to fit into their favorite pair of skinny jeans once more, there may be another option (that doesn't involve any salads). It's all thanks to TikTok influencer, Lily Schoknecht, sharing her Nana Rosemary's jean hack. We've got everything you need to know here, and all we can say is, "Thanks, Nana!"

Schoknecht dubs this a "sustainability hack".

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Schoknecht's TikTok channel is all about what she calls "sustainably hacks," and making videos that reflect aspects of her life with followers. She's a family-oriented person that clearly opted to listen to her Nana when it comes to this upcycling hack that allows people to keep wearing jeans, even when they're too small at first. This reduces waste, helps the environment, and could mean keeping some cherished jeans for a long time.

She explained how it works with thrift store jeans.

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While Schoknecht typically wears size 12 jeans, she purchased a size 10 pair at the thrift store to see if she could successfully shrink them in the shower. She calls this process "#ShoweringYourJeans" and explains each step, saying, "Hop in the shower with your jeans, get them wet for about two to three minutes, hop out of the shower, and pat them dry with a towel so they’re not dripping wet. Then, wear them around for about 30 minutes — do some squats, lunges, (I unloaded the dishwasher), and then you take them off, air dry them, and try them on when they are dry!" It sounds like the price for more jean space is a little wet cardio.

People are saying it works for them.

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Followers decided it was time to put this hack to the test, and they're happy with their results. One person commented on her video, saying, "Waiting on jeans to dry... I will keep you updated." It looks like wet jeans allow just enough stretch for jeans that are too snug.

Commenters are basically ready to form a Nana fan club.

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Regardless of if they decide to try this hack, people can't stop applauding Schoknecht's Nana's wisdom. It's not only a useful way to keep jeans longer, it's also a celebration of the power of Nanas and their special guidance. People are bonding over the fact that grandma's pretty much know everything. That may very well be where a good percentage of TikTok hacks come from.

However, some people say they already knew about this hack.

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While most people are explaining how this hack has completely blown their minds, a few claim that this is old news for them. Someone explained, "In my younger days we used to buy wrangler jeans. Fill the bath with warm water & sit in it with jeans on until water goes cold." and another person said, "This is the second time I've seen this trick now and I've grown out of some of my jeans by a size. gonna try it out to see if I can save them." It's a news alert for some and old news for others — either way, jeans are being saved.

Some people are turned off by being in wet pants.

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Let's face it, being in wet jeans may make a lot of people feel like they've peed on themselves. That soggy feeling that can make us feel cold and even cause a rash which is understandably cringe-worthy. Even though some people think it's a cool hack, they are steering clear. A person commented, "The idea of peeling off soaked jeans is so unappealing," and another person wrote, "Would love to try this but the thought of being wet in jeans makes my skin crawl." Look like this hack isn't a good fit for everyone.

Schoknecht made a Part 2 video for TikTok.

After discovering this hack, people had questions. Lucky for them, Schoknecht made another video to answer them. Some asked, "Do you have to do this [the hack] every time you wash them [the jeans]?" Schoknecht put it to the test to see for herself, captioning the video with the words, "it is experiment day!! Figuring out if you can wash jeans and they will stay the same size and figuring out if you dry jeans if they will shrink." However, definitive answers didn't arrive until she posted a third video.

Part 3 answered many burning questions.

The results were in during her third video. She wrote, "Updated video on what’s happens if you wash your stretched-out shower jeans and if you dry your too big pair of jeans!!". It turns out, the stretched jeans didn't shrink in the washing machine, but it's probably a bad idea to put them in the dryer — like ever. Schoknecht suggests that people stick to air drying their jeans to keep them from shrinking too much. This was common knowledge for some, but not for others.

The only thing to do now is give it a try.

Hacks are cool to hear about, but definitely more helpful when we give them a try for ourselves. Although this trick won't prevent us from eventually needing another pair of jeans again, it can extend their shelf life for one sustainable, upcycled and stylish fit.

Let us know what you think in the comments of Nana's special jeans hack and if you plan on giving it a try.