Women Spill Work Secrets The Public Wouldn't Want To Know

Lex Gabrielle
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Being an employee can be stressful. No matter what your job is or where you work, every job has "secrets" that the customer would never want to know. When you find out, you're shocked, astonished, and probably annoyed. So, here are some secrets that are going to 100% completely piss you off and change the way you see the world.

We never really "look in the back."

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Mori_Story shared, and many agreed, that people never go "to the back" to look for the products that are no longer on the floor. Some people think there is some magical warehouse outside that has 100 more things, but in reality, it's not like that at all.

Be nice to restaurant workers.

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"If you’re mean to me, I shake your food as I close it so that some of it falls to the floor and you get less. If I’m really feeling frisky, I might even throw out your dipping sauce. But myself or my coworkers would never do anything to make your food unsafe," shared beaniebae37.

Nursing homes are "miserable."

nursing home
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Cmdr-Panda works for nursing homes and said that people's "parents and grandparents" are absolutely miserable. They do not get enough visitors and they are extremely sad and lonely. They are constantly sharing how much they miss their families.

The name of a child matters.

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becoming_a_crone is a teacher and said that when she reads names on attendance, she 100% "prejudges" kids' names and also cringes at some of them, too. Based on the names, she also feels like she doesn't want to meet some of their parents.

Gardeners need to use the bathroom, too.

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PaticusGnome said that as a residential gardener, you should let them use your bathroom when they have to. Basically, the Reddit user said that they 100% pee in the backyard when they have to go.

Doctors don't always make the best calls.

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"Pharmacist (hospital-based UK). I never tell people how I catch several potentially fatal prescribing mistakes every single day at work. I don’t want people to stop trusting their doctors, and they would if they saw how bad it is. (Not all doctors are bad prescribers, but most are overworked and tired, mistakes are easily made in a busy hospital)," shared Life_Marsupial5017.

Servers can tell when the vibes are off.

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hjs949 said that as a server, they can always tell when the vibes at a table are off. When it's a first date or something like that, the server always knows. She also said that women should be comfortable enough to let the server know—in some code or something—if they're in danger, they'll always help.

Dentists don't know all.

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"If you go to the dentist, the Dr does not only not think about the cost of treatment as their diagnosing it, but depending on the office, they might have little to no idea at all what anything actually costs," shared RockStarNinja7.

When you ask for lemon for your water, think twice.

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emmy1426 shared that when you ask for a lemon for your water in a restaurant, be mindful that everyone has touched that lemon. Someone had to deliver it, unbox it, then cut it up, then place it into a bin for lemons, then take it out of the bin and put it on a plate for you.

Bartenders play the game.

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theflowerfrog said that she's an 18-year-old bartender and a lot of times, when people ask her what specific wine or beer tastes like, she makes it up completely. Not all people drink or know what every single thing tastes like.

Journalism isn't what it used to be.

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matahari3274 said that after working in media and communications for years, she realized that journalism is never going to be what it once was. Today, people are more concerned with making a story out of anything than actually reporting what is going on.

Cops have a lot of strategies.

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"When a police officer offers you a glass of water, it’s a way to get fingerprints. It’s completely legal. This is actually an age old tactic, but the public doesn’t seem to know about it much. It isn’t really like a huge secret, but more like food for thought," shared Amy-Paradise.

Discount stores are what's on the floor and that's it.

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phononmezer said that if you love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or anything like that—whatever is on the floor is what's there. They get a shipment of stuff and that's what they put out. Nothing is hidden in the back or stored away anywhere else.

Hospitals are filthy.

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lolfuckno shared that hospitals are actually really disgusting and dirty. A lot of it has to do with the "foot traffic" from people coming in and out all day. Other reasons are because janitorial companies for hospitals are "third-party" companies.

Finance managers hold the power.

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"The bank gives us a bunch of interest rates for you... but we pick which one we want to give you. But everyone believes the rate we pick because the bank gave us that rate. (Car dealership) but don't tell them you know this info. Unless you have really bad credit. Then legit the rate we get, is all we get," shared jdelo777.