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TikToker Criticized For Saying She Couldn't Survive On $10k A Month

Debates surrounding not just minimum wage, but wages in general, have been rife across America and only increasing in volume within the past few years. There are many who are left struggling living paycheck to paychecks others live unimaginably lavish lives.

That's why, when someone comes onto a social media platform like TikTok and claims that $100k yearly salary "isn't a lot of money" it gets quite a few people worked up!

A TikToker caused quite the stir when she claimed she couldn't live on $10,000 a month.

The whole debate began when said TikToker, @oliviamariah97, said that working for hourly pay in the US isn't worth it. She said she'd rather start her own business or work for tips than work for an hourly wage.

It was what came afterward that really started to confuse people.

Someone commented saying they made $117,000 a year on an hourly wage.

Olivia responded strongly. In a video reply to the comment, she says, "Sir, $117,000 a year is not a lot of money! It's a lot of money to some Americans because Americans are broke, but $100,000 is not a lot of money."

People immediately called this out for being a ridiculous mindset.

One commenter said that if she thinks $117,000 isn't a lot of money, she must live very lavishly.

Olivia again replied with a video. "$117,000 a year is $10,000 a month. It's not that I live a lavish lifestyle, it's that I live an adult life. I'm 25 years old. [...] You cannot survive on $10,000 a month— I can't. I can't."

And that sparked a heated debate in her comments, which have since been turned off.

She did make another video in an attempt to defend herself. She claimed people were taking her video out of context, and clarified that where she lives, somewhere in California, $10,000 a month isn't a lot of money.

"[...] being someone who likes to travel, being someone who likes to eat, being someone who likes to work out, being someone who likes to do a lot of activities. Also, being an up and coming artist and business owner, you need money to succeed at that."

She then said that she doesn't even earn that much a month.

Olivia speaking to the camera with a comment asking "You can't live off 10k a month?" on screen.
TikTok | @oliviamariah97

"I sound really entitled in the video that I posted and that's not how I meant to come across. I should have never used the word 'a lot' because let's get this straight, if someone offered me $100,000, I would grab that and run."

She did end up apologizing, saying, "I do apologize if I offended anyone. I shouldn't have put Americans in one category because we're all different and I should have thought before I spoke so I do apologize."

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