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Kim And Khloé Kardashian Cut The Line At Disneyland, Make 'Common Folk' Wait

Many celebrities often get called out for their entitled behavior, however, it's rare that it ever directly affects the public. However, when it does, it will always be known. It's 2022, after all.

So when I saw that Kim and Khloé Kardashian were getting roasted for cutting the line at Disneyland, I knew I had to check it out myself and see what really went down earlier this week.

Taking your children to a Disney park should be an enjoyable trip.

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I mean sure they're probably going to have meltdowns over not getting every single treat they want, or not meeting their favorite Disney Prince and Princesses, but for the most part, it should be FUN!

That is, of course, unless a major celebrity is cutting in front of you with their kids.

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This is apparently exactly what happened to Disneyland goers this past week when Kim and Khloé Kardashian took their daughters to the theme park.

In case you missed the memo, Khloé's daughter True turned 4 the other day.

In celebration, she and Kim took Kim's daughter Chicago West and Robert Kardashian's daughter Dream to Disneyland to celebrate with True.

However, their visit of course didn't just affect them — it affected other parkgoers, too.

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In a video posted to TikTok, new mom Rachael Kevin showed the behind-the-scenes of the Kardashian's picture-perfect day.

In Rachel's video, the text overlay explained what happened when Kim and Khloé came to the Mad Tea Party ride.

"When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait and watch them... so typical!" she wrote.

As for the video caption, Rachel put: "Thanks a lot @KimKardashian."

The video itself was honestly super awkward.

Not only did the "normal" parkgoers just have to stand and watch the Kardashians on their ride, the kids didn't even seem to be enjoying it.

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Birthday girl True can be seen facing outside of the teacup to look at the unimpressed crowd instead.

As someone with social anxiety, having dozens of pissed-off people glaring at me while I spin around in tea cups sounds like an actual fever dream I've had.

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I guess for this family, however, it's just another day!

"It seemed like forever," Rachel added, before ending the video by revealing they got on the ride 30 minutes after this display.

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I mean, this family is rich enough to rent the whole park out for a few hours are they not? That seems like a much better idea to me!

As you can imagine, the comments section was filled with people weighing in on the situation.

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"How people still praise them blows my mind," wrote one TikTok user.

"I would be too embarrassed to do this," echoed another.

Someone in the comments went so far as to claim that Princess Diana didn't even cut the Disney lines back in the day.

However, not everyone was totally against the reality TV family's decision.

"I heard they pay 3 grand extra per person for that! I mean if this was your business you would allow it too. Don’t lie," said one user.

"If I could pay $3000 to avoid people, I’d do it too!" agreed someone else.

"Sorry, but if I was famous and I had kids I also wouldn’t want anyone near my kids," said one fan in defense. "People are crazy and famous ppl have been murdered for no reason."

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While I understand both sides, I can't help but think that renting the park would be the better move next time.