Barista Shares Simple Tip To Get The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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Coffee drinkers know that there is nothing better than going to a coffee shop and getting an expensive, fancy coffee. Baristas have a way of making even an ordinary coffee look and taste amazing. However, we all know that coffee is one of the biggest expenses that we have.

Despite how easy it is for us to make a cup of coffee at home, we can't help but want that gorgeous barista-made one at the coffee shop.

Somehow, baristas become artists with milk.

Unsplash | Olivia Anne Snyder

Many baristas learn how to make gorgeous designs on top of coffee with milk and foam, and they are able to look like a piece of art. While we know it's just coffee and milk, it looks stunning in a mug.

While we want to save money, we know making this museum-quality coffee artwork is hard.

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For many of us, the gorgeous Instagram-worthy coffees in the morning are what we look forward to. However, getting them at home is not an easy task. We usually just make coffee and dump in creamer—not careful enough to make a portrait.

However, thanks to TikTok, we can make these stunning works of art at home.

Coffee At Home Hack
TikTok | TikTok l thecoffeebarbrum

TikTok user thecoffeebarbrum shared a video that shows everyday people how they can make coffee and latte art in the comfort of their own homes. You just need to make sure you have the pattern down to an exact science.

The video showcases you also need to hold the cup at a specific angle.

Coffee At Home Hack
TikTok | TikTok l thecoffeebarbrum

When you are pouring your milk into the coffee, be sure your cup is at an angle and that you also pour the milk slowly. Doing it too quickly will result in a total disaster, and it won't end up looking the way you want.

If you do it right, the result is stunning!

Coffee At Home Hack
TikTok | TikTok l thecoffeebarbrum

If you do follow the pattern and pour rather slowly at an angle, you will get the results that you truly desire. You do need to be a bit careful, in order to make sure you get the perfect, symmetrical pattern we all desire.

The TikTok page also shares other tips and tricks.

Coffee Art At Home
TikTok | TikTok l thecoffeebarbrum

Aside from making a leaf design on your coffee at home, the TikTok channel also shows other ways you can make cute and fun latte art designs with your coffees. As long as you follow their patterns and pour slowly, you can also make a heart!

However, you can also make art if you messed it up.

In other videos, using a spoon and a slow, stirring motion, the coffee TikTok page shows you how to make a coffee design fail into something magical. Using your spoon in a swirling motion, you can make a coffee tulip.

The coffee shop does use specific types of coffee.

In their videos, they use an espresso machine that also has the ability to froth and foam milk. Clearly, it's more expensive because they're a coffee shop. But, you can do this at home on your own with many other types of products, as well.

If you use regular coffee, you can always get a milk frother.

milk frother
Unsplash | Ashkan Forouzani

Not everyone loves espresso—not everyone likes to have that much concentrated caffeine. If you do want to use regular coffee, all you'll need is a milk frother that you can steam and froth your milk with in order to create latte art.

While it looks easy, many are convinced it's way too hard.

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"Not me saving this thinking I can do it in reality I don’t even drink coffee," one TikTok commenter said. Another added, "not me thinking this can be done easily."

Another said that they'd "rather pay someone" to do it because they'll definitely mess it up.

Overall, it's all about precision.

latte art
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

If you do try this at home and you want to get it right, it seems that it's all about precision and getting it down to a science. And, you know what they say—practice does make perfect. The more you try, the better you'll be!