woman cries during TikTok video
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Woman Disowned By Parents After Refusing To Fund Sister's 'Lavish Lifestyle'

Until it affects our lives, it can be easy to underestimate how destructive favoritism can be in a family.

If a parent has one set of rules for one child and a totally different set for another, the child who gets the short end of that deal will not only notice, but likely grow to resent their parents, that sibling, or both. And while there are cases so blatant that no parent could effectively claim they aren't playing favorites, that doesn't make this issue any less widespread or easier to deal with when it's harder to recognize.

And as we're about to see, this effect gets even worse when one child is supposed to carry both their parents and their less responsible siblings on their back.

In a video uploaded to TikTok on March 26, a woman named Thea Pham expressed with tears in her eyes that her parents had just disowned her.

woman putting her hand to her chest and crying in TikTok video
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And as she told it, this was because she was fed up with footing the bill for her sister's "lavish lifestyle" as an international student in the United States.

She said this arrangement started three years ago and saw her parents send the sister over from Vietnam with no means to support her.

woman with tears in her eyes speaking during TikTok video
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As a result, this meant it was Pham's responsibility to cover her tuition, housing, and living expenses.

And unfortunately, her sister's approach to this living situation left a lot to be desired.

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In Pham's words, "She has been completely ungrateful and completely irresponsible with the money."

In one example, Pham found herself having to cover her sister's debt with her friends.

Why? Because the sister blew the money that could have paid it on shopping trips, Uber Eats orders, and nights out at bars and clubs.

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More recently, an incident that finally compelled Pham to put her foot down saw her sister use her credit card for a $500 shopping spree.

But while these seem like reasonable grounds for cutting her sister off, her parents called her stingy and ungrateful in response.

woman cries during TikTok video
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As they saw it, Pham got to where she was because of them and she now owes them a lifetime of financial security as a result.

In Pham's words, "So I am their retirement fund, the college fund for my younger siblings, and I feel trapped."

woman looking down while holding hand over her chest in TikTok video
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And since she said this responsibility is common within her culture, Pham says she now feels trapped and betrayed by both her culture and her family.

Worst of all, this kind of help is something she would still have been willing to give if she didn't have so many signs she was being taken for granted and taken advantage of.

In her words, "I would love to, I love my parents but there are no boundaries. I am just a wallet now. I am just solely a wallet now."