Quotes That Will Certainly Provide A Pick-Me-Up

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Omar Lopez

Everyone could use a good pick-me-up after a long day of working, slaving away, and having to take care of everything under the sun. We all deserve a bit of happiness and laughter when we have had way too much on our plate all day long. Sometimes, all you have to do is open up Instagram and scroll through some hilarious quotes and it'll change your mood.

We all get to that breaking point.

As a kid, we may have read the tabloids wondering what would push someone to the point of breaking down like that and shaving their entire head. But, as adults, we learn and understand that we're all losing our minds on a regular basis and struggling with our own mental health—so we reach that breaking point regularly.

Mind yo' business.

When I come to your family BBQ and you see me in leggings, have one plate in each hand, and use my mouth as my roll plate—mind your business. I don't need your judgments or stares. I'm hungry and I came to have seconds.

I call it Fispo.

Many people online love to post their workout videos and post-gym selfies, but the moment I see them in comfy clothes, they inspire me to also go put on comfy clothes. When I see you going on your morning run, you remind me to close the curtains.

It's just one big mess over here.

From my makeup, to my hair, to my outfit, to my house, to my kids—my life is just one big mess. I call it the "hot mess express" and I am the conductor rolling the train right on through.